Press These Points on Your Palm to Relieve Any Pain

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Alternative medicine is far more attractive and more efficient than Western medicine, at least when it comes to treating pain. However, experts agree that it would be pretty wise to combine Western and alternative medicine and relieve any symptom or ailment.

Have you ever heard of reflexology? It involves alternative treatments of pain and guarantees great benefits. Reflexology understands the idea of determining the pressure points within the borders of your palm. These points are connected to corresponding parts in the body that cause pain.

By pressing a particular point on your thumb for 5 seconds, releasing the pressure for 3 seconds, pressing it again, and repeating the whole thing for a few minutes you will sure get the results you expect. For optimal results you should repeat the procedure several times a day.

In the video below you can learn more about this and other types of methodology. This time Dr Oz is hosting a reflexologist who introduces the idea that our feet and hands are a sort of microcosm of our bodies.

They invited 5 participants from the audience to explain in which part of their bodies they feel pain mostly. The reflexologist helps them connect these parts to particular points in their palms. She also demonstrates how applying different forms of pressure and massage to certain points of the palm can bring relief and make pain disappear over time. You can use one of your hands to stimulate the points on your other hand, and vice versa.

The participants were bothered with the following ailments:

  • Constipation and bloating
  • Insomnia and exhaustion
  • Congested sinuses
  • Upper back pain
  • Poor sex drive

She explained the principles of reflexology in a clear and fascinating way. She showed the participants how to apply this method on their hands and relieve their pain, explaining how should they feel while stimulating the pressure points in order to determine whether they are working on the right part.

This video will sure trigger you to try some of the methods doctors demonstrated. Share your experience and tell us what you think about these alternative treatments. Have you ever tried any of them? Are you ready to experience an instant relief?

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