Chinese Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With!

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When one of our biggest organs ? our skin, begins to give symptoms, this can be an indicator that something is wrong. And what is that, we can see from our face.

According to Chinese medicine every part of our face represents certain organs of our body, and when imbalance occurs it is shown on our face. The signs are pimples, rash and change of skin color.

Forehead: bladder and small intestine

Cause: Too much fats and processed food causes slow digestion, as well as too much alcohol, sugar and staying up late, stress.

Cure: Raw food, lots of water, alcohol abstinence and good sleep.

Between the eyebrows: liver

Cause: Your stomach is working too much and doesn?t get the rest it needs. You eat a lot of meat and you might be allergic to some ingredients.

Cure: Healthy and fresh food is recommended, fresh air, exercises like yoga, fast walk and meditation.

Eyebrow arch: kidneys

Cause: Too much smoking, alcohol, bad circulation, weak heart

Cure: A lot of clean water, cut down on caffeine, sweetened drinks and alcohol. Check if you have dehydrated.

Nose: heart

Cause: Closed rooms, polluted air, gasses, swollen stomach, bad circulation. High blood pressure can also cause many problems in this area of the face.

Cure: Check your blood pressure, follow the cholesterol level. Organic green tea can help you get rid the toxins. Exercising is mandatory.

Upper part of the cheeks: lungs

Cause: Asthma, pollution, smoking?..There is also a chance of dark circles round your eyes

Cure: Keep away from polluted air and smoke. If you smoke, stop smoking. Start with physical activities.

Cheeks: lungs and kidneys

Cause: Smoking, stress and bad food as well as lots of sugar

Cure: Eliminate bad food and start using quality cosmetic products.

Mouth and chin: stomach

Cause: Food that contains lots of fat, sugar and stimulants like caffeine and alcohol. This part is most affected after using season food. Staying up until late as well as stress can cause imbalance.

Cure: Start a diet that can help you establish balance. Eat a lot of fruit. If the problems continue visit a doctor.

Jaw and neck: hormones

Cause: Too much salty food, spices and not enough water. Sometimes too much caffeine.

Cure: Cut down on salt, spices and caffeine. But, drink more water.

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