If Your Clothes Ever Smell Like Mildew, Don?t Get A New Washing Machine. Just Learn THIS Trick?

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There are few things as annoying in this world as a household appliance that randomly stops working. Whether it is due to mechanical failure, human error or even just dirtiness, fixing or buying a new appliance is usually far out of the typical budget.

One of the worst cases of this occurs when your clothes start to smell like mildew?after you take them out of the wash. In this situation though, thankfully there is a super easy way to get rid of all that dirt and grime on the unreachable parts of your washing machine ? using just two ingredients!

Cleaning out your washing machine has typically required a call to a service center, then someone coming by and pulling the whole thing apart to fix it. Most people just end up buying a new washer instead of going through all that trouble.

Now you can clean that washer to a like-new condition, all you need is some Clorox bleach and 16 ounces of white vinegar. First things first, don?t?ever use these two chemicals together because they are incredibly poisonous and toxic. Instead we are going to be using one, then the other on a second cycle.

Start out by mixing the bleach with an equivalent amount of warm water, then wipe down all the accessible areas with a rag soaked in the powerful mixture ? including under the rubber sealing.

For the hard to scrub areas, simply leave the soaked towel right on top of the part for 30 minutes so the bleach can kill any mildew. Once you are done scrubbing the machine clean, run it on the hottest cycle with no clothes inside to wash out the bleach.

On your second washing cycle, add in the 16 ounces of vinegar and keep the washer set to the highest possible temperature. Now your washing machine should be clean, functional and mildew free ? and it barely costs you anything.

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