1.5 Million Dust Mites May Be Living In Your Bed! Destroy Them By Doing This One Thing Only

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Since we were young, we were told that we need to wash up and make our bed as soon as we get up. This is a habit that has become a part of our everyday routines.

Yet, it seems that is shouldn?t have. Namely, research suggests that making the bed immediately after getting up traps millions of dust mites inside the sheets, bed and mattress.

Dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs which live in our bed, sheets and pillows. These bugs are rapidly multiplying and are feeding on our dead skin cells and sweat. Moreover, they are also rapidly excreting, up to 20 times a day.

It was scientifically proved that up to 1.5 million dust mites live in an average bed. Hence, the biggest health hazard for humans is dust mite excrement, since it contains protein which when gets inhaled or when in contact with our skin gets our antibodies? levels up.

The problems actually begin when the number of our antibodies increases, and our body starts to release histamine.

Histamine leads to swelling and redness usually associated with allergies. Consequently, you may start to notice some of the following symptoms: hay fever, sneezing, coughing, red and watery eyes, watery nose, itching sensation, and even breathing problems. Some people who are extremely sensitive to these dust mites may even notice red, itchy bumps on their skin after being exposed to dust mites.

So it is of great importance to know how to get rid of dust mites in order to improve your overall health.

Therefore, we need an effective method to destroy these harmful bugs. And the solution is very simple and easy: do not make your bed immediately after you get out of bed!

Namely, if the bed is not made immediately, you will expose dust mites to direct sunlight and fresh air, which will dehydrate and destroy them.

Therefore, it is advised that you do not make the bed until the evening, as it can help in the elimination of dust mites and it will clear the air.?Furthermore, note that you have to wash your sheets and pillow cases regularly, at least once every two weeks.?Now you can enjoy your day lying in your bed and not worrying about any health risks!

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