The Place Of The Pain Detects The Type Of Headache, The Cause And Permanent Solution!

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Sometimes it is not difficult to guess why the headache occurs. But sometimes it is difficult to realize why it occurs and why the pain is concentrated in a particular place. Depending on how and where it occurs, it might mean you have a serious health problem.

If the headache occurs early in the morning it should certainly be checked by your doctor because it may indicate that it is a tumor of the brain, sleep apnea, high blood pressure? Also, you should see a doctor if you have the headache causes change of vision, digestion or mood.

Headache can also vary from the pain location, and these are the most common:

1.It affects one half of the head

It is a migraine. This phenomenon is not dangerous, but it is very tough because it can last up to 72 hours. You will recognize it by the pulsating pain (varying from moderate to severe), and sometimes nausea and sensitivity to light and noise can occur. It is important to take a painkilling tablet immediately after the first symptoms. You also need to stay in the dark, dark room.

2.As if someone is pressing your head with vise

It is a tense headache that gradually disappears to medium intensity of pain, and you feel as if someone presses your head with a vise. It often occurs due to increased stress and it is recommendable to sleep a little bit.

3.Pain in one side of the face, swelling onto the eye lids

It is a headache which is strong and lasts in cycles, from two weeks to one month. It occurs in a certain period of years, and between the two attacks years may pass. The duration of pain occurs every day and at the same time of day or night and lasts from half an hour up to three hours.

4.Pain in the forehead

In this case, it is a headache which is caused by inflamed sinuses. The pain can be felt in the cheek bones as well. In this case, inhalation or shower with warm water can improve your health condition.

5.Pain in the back of your head (in the neck area)

This type of headache occurs due to problems with the spine and/or neck. However, it can also occur because of long sitting. Stretch a little, and breathe in some fresh air.

Experts say it is good to keep a diary of headache. The diary should include information on, for example, how often it appears, at what time, where does it hurt and how long does it last. Based on these observations later the doctor will be able to more easily diagnose what was going on.

Also, the headache can occur due to dehydration. This means you need to be careful and drink enough fresh water throughout the entire day.

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