10 Reasons To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

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Some say that houses without Himalayan pink salt lamps cannot be referred to as safe homes. Others believe that these are nice pinky lamps that make their living room look better, but having one of these is like keeping an open window all the time. The salty lamps are more like a natural source of fresh and purified air, and you can keep them anywhere ? in your office or in any room you spend your time mostly.

Before we give you a thorough explanation on the benefits provided by holding a Himalayan pink salt lamps in your home, here is a nice chemistry lesson. It will help you see things a lot clearer.

Everything that is in and around you is made up of molecules. These consist of atoms, and these tiny little things contain three types of particles. Protons are positively charges, electrons have a negative charge and neutrons have no charge. Remember how planets revolve around stars? That is exactly what electrons do to their molecules.

Whenever an electron flies off, there is a positive ion behind it, and its only role in life is to fit in. If you are not into chemistry and science, this means that the it tries to steal a replacement electron from other molecules. Differences in molecular structures are the reason why some materials tend to lose their electrons easily than others. Electrons in outer orbit, strength and electron bonds are some of the molecular differences that trigger the loss of electrons.

Now that you know more about positive and negative ions, it is time to check the top 10 benefits of these amazing lamps.

1. Clean and deodorized air

This is the most popular benefit of the Himalayan pink salt lamps, and it is why people use them mostly. The pinky lamps do miracles when it comes to removing dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other air contaminants. Others are skeptic and wonder how can a simple lamp do this or how can salt and a bulb purify air.

Himalayan pink salt lamp is much more than this.

It has the power of hygroscopy, or an ability to attract and absorb water molecules from the environment it is set in. It also collects any foreign particle that is in these molecules and sucks it in the salt crystal. The bulb inside warms up the lamp, so this water evaporates back in the room, and all the dust, pollen, smoke and other particles remain sealed in the salt.

2. Relieves allergy and asthma symptoms

This benefits is tightly associated to the previous one. The fact that these lamps collect dust, pet dander, mold, mildew and other particles from the air is the reason why their so great in relieving allergies. Those who are bothered with asthma can draw a great benefit as well, and miracles happen within a week of two. Himalayan salt is amazing for airways, and some have succeeded to make Himalayan pink salt inhalers.

3. Relieves cough

When heated through, Himalayan pink salt lamp changes the charge of released molecules during its hygroscopic cycle. Yes, that is what we explained in our brief chemistry lesson. Homes are usually packed with positive ions, and these are not that good for our health. Modern electronics creates positive ions, but there are many other sources that release these.

Inhaling positive ions makes cilia sluggish and hinder their function to keep lungs safe from contaminants. If you were sleeping during your science classes, cilia are microscopic hairs that line trachea or windpipes. By absorbing water molecules from air, Himalayan pink salt lamps also absorbs all the positive ions in them. Heated salt releases clean vapors back in the room along with the negative ions that affect your airways in the opposite way ? these stimulate the cilial activity and keep your lungs clean and safe.

Remember, by absorbing air contaminants, Himalayan pink salt lamps stimulate the body to filter air much better, and there are no nasty foreign particles that you could breathe in.

4. Boosts energy

We all like long walks, great landscapes, laying at the beach and camping high up in the mountains. Morning showers are the most exciting thing for most of us. These activities stimulate us in a good way, and we are exposed to high concentrations of negative ions. These are the same that are generated by Himalayan pink salt lamps as well. Positive ions suck up our energy, but usually address the problem in a wrong way.

If you have no clue where all that fatigue comes from, keep one of these lamps in the room your spend your day in. You should see some great difference within a week.

5. Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

Living in a modern world means that we live in a ?huge ocean? of electromagnetic radiation that is released from all the electronics in our homes. In other words, your TV, computer, cell phone, tablet, appliances and stereo do not do you good. It is an invisible effect, and long-term exposure can cause serious health issues. Chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases stress, causes chronic fatigue, and lowers immune response. These are just some of the problems you are likely to experience.

Himalayan pink salt lamps neutralize electromagnetic radiation through the emission of negative ions. Keep one of these lamps next to your gadgets to reduce any potential health threat.

6. Enhances sleeping

Positive ions deprive you from quality sleep and rest. These positively-charged particles decrease the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, and affect your regular sleeping pattern a great deal. Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural generators of negative ions, so they can be really handy in solving your sleeping issues. Holding one lamp in your bedroom will help you sleep better and breathe high quality air.

If you cannot imagine sleeping with a light in your bedroom, you do not have to keep the lamp on while sleeping. Turn it on and let it do its job during the day. If the area you live in has a humid climate, keep in mind that these lamps weep as the salt cools. Keep an saucer underneath the lamp to protect the surface, and read the use and care tips before you start using it.

7. Improves mood and concentration

Himalayan pink salt lamps improve your mood and relax your body in a natural way. The same applies to concentrations. Thanks to the effect negative ions have on your body, these ions increase the supply of oxygen and blood to your organs and boost the secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you happy.

8. Treats seasonal affective disorder

Boosting mood and energy is not the only thing you get from a Himalayan pink salt lamp. The natural light it releases is in some way similar to the sunshine glow, and some believe that it has helped them relieve seasonal affective disorder. Get some Himalayan pink salt lamps and set the timer when days get shorter in winter.

9. Reduces static electricity in the air

This may not be considered as a health benefit at first, but static can be really frustrating. It makes us stressed, embarrassed, and frustrated. It attacks you without any warning and you have problems touching the door handle, kiss your kid before bedtime and pet your kitty. Static is the reason why you have bad hair some days, cannot wipe crumbs off the counter, and sometimes you may go to work with a sock ?glued? on your shirt.

What we are trying to explain is that static electricity can be a huge problem, so you better have a lamp solve your problem and neutralize airborne ions that give you a headache.

10. Light source that takes care of environment

Himalayan pink salt lamps harm environment in no way. Salt reserves are estimated between 80 and 600 tons, and they will last for 350 years if we go by this extraction rate. The base of these lamps is made from neem, or any other sustainable wood. The bulbs added consume little energy, and some come with a lit candle.

How to choose and where to place your Himalayan pink salt lamp?

Pay attention to the size of the crystal. If you are buying a lamp for your bedroom, 5.4lb lamps work just fine. If you need it in your living room or den, find a 12lb sample. Keep in mind that 1lb crystal cleans 4? x 4? room.

The Everest salt lamp will give you a real show. It is 15-18? tall and weighs about 50 lbs. It is the most amazing and the most inspiring item you can get.

Make a home collection of lamps, and you do not have to buy that much at a time. You can first buy fitting lamps for your rooms you spend your day in, then buy some more for the rooms with electronics. Eventually, buy a few of these for the areas you do not use that much.

Himalayan pink salt tealight holders add a nice splash to your collection, and you can use them as portable air purifiers and carry them with you around the house.

Keep in mind that the crystals tend to melt when exposed to high humidity for long time. Pay special attention and keep them away from your dishwasher, washing machine or shower.

You will notice the first results within a week, so do not give up the very first day.

Natural ways to purify your home air

The pinky lamps are not the only way to breathe a fresher air. Keep some air purifying plants inside your home and use the Internet to find some other amazing methods of purifying air naturally. Help your family breathe a nice and healthy air.

Do a research about the health benefits provided by consuming Himalayan pink salt and use it instead of your table salt.

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