70+ Uses of Everyday Products That Will Save Money and Keep You Healthy

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What?s the biggest reason why you avoid buying household products?


They are overpriced for their efficiency. Sometimes you need to change a couple of products just to finish 1 job.

And that largely reflects on your pocket.

I can see people complain all the time. They are not satisfied of how a household product helps them do things around the house.

Whether that?s some expensive clothes detergent, hair shampoo or skin care product.

My grandma used to say that the solution costs a dime if you know how to find it.

I haven?t figure this out until I grew up and started searching outside of the box.

Yes, we live in a box we create for ourselves. Looking outside of it has solutions to many things.

The store products and expensive brands sometimes give great results.

But why spending money on something you already have in your home?

This infographic will help you see what keeps the others healthy and satisfied.

Plus, they save more money than you do.

Here is the chart:




The solution has always been there. You just need to know where to look for it.

With my help and your engagement, we can prove that this really works.

If you can?t read what?s on this chart, here is the full list:

Lemon Juice is great for:

? Home

  • ?????Cleaning glass & Mirrors
  • ?????Brighten your whites
  • ?????Disinfect your cutting board
  • ?????Brighten your toilet bowl

? Personal Care/Beauty

  • ?????Remove sun spots
  • ?????Highlight your hair
  • ?????Reduce Wrinkles
  • ?????Shrink Your Pores

? Dietary

  • ?????Detox
  • ?????Improve Digestion
  • ?????Sooth a Sore Throat
  • ?????Strengthen Immunity

Coconut Oil

? Home

  • ?????Polish Wood Furniture
  • ?????Replace WD-40
  • ?????Remove Shower Scum

? Personal Care/Beauty

  • ?????Hair Serum
  • ?????Lip Gloss
  • ?????Deodorant
  • ?????Prevents Wrinkles

? Dietary

  • ?????Improve Thyroid Function
  • ?????Reduce Migraines

Apple Cider Vinegar

? Home

  • Repel Fleas
  • ?????Cleans your microwave
  • ?????Deodorize Laundry

? Personal care/Beauty

  • ?????Sooth sunburns
  • ?????Wash your hair
  • ?????Treats acne
  • ?????Aftershave

? Dietary

  • ?????Weight loss/Detox
  • ?????Controls high-blood pressure
  • ?????Cures yeast infections
  • ?????Prevents a cold

White Vinegar

? Home

  • ?????Polishes Silver
  • ?????Cleans Windows
  • ?????Neutralizes Odors
  • ?????Unclogs your drain

? Personal care/Beauty

  • ?????Cure for an upset Stomach
  • ?????Soothes a Bee Sting
  • ?????Conditions your Hair

? Dietary

  • ?????Tenderizes meat
  • ?????Boil better eggs
  • ?????Eliminate garlic odor
  • ?????Keeps veggies fresh

Baking Soda

? Home

  • ?????Put out fires
  • ?????Scrubs toilets and tubs
  • ?????Cleans your oven or grill

? Personal care/Beauty

  • ?????Deodorant
  • ?????Toothpaste
  • ?????Relives diaper rash
  • ?????Treats heartburn

? Dietary

  • ?????Leavening agent
  • ?????Fluffier omelets
  • ?????Crispier chicken

Castile Soap

? Home

  • ?????All-purpose cleaner
  • ?????Dish soap
  • ?????Mop floors with it

? Personal care/Beauty

  • ?????Body Wash
  • ?????Pet shampoo
  • ?????Toothpaste
  • ?????Prevents eczema

? Dietary

  • ?????Treat eczema and psoriasis
  • ?????Cure acne

Castor Oil

? Home

  • ?????Discourage rodents
  • ?????Lubricate kitchen scissors
  • ?????Restore health of your plants

? Personal care/Beauty

  • ?????Strengthen eyelashes
  • ?????Relieve cracked heels
  • ?????Soften Cuticles

? Dietary

  • ?????Treat dry/itchy skin
  • ?????Laxative
  • ?????Induce labor
  • ?????Relieve menstrual cramping

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