Wisdom Teeth Dental Scam & Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth

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Probably many of your wisdom teeth have already been gone for years. We all trust our dentists to do the best job possible, regarding them as professionals in their field, while often not even questioning their methods.

However, we may have made a mistake there. This article will speak about the importance of wisdom teeth, and may come just in time for someone to reconsider his decision and not just listen to the dentist.

In many cases, dentists tell us that wisdom teeth should be extracted as they are not really needed, being just unnecessary teeth that inconveniently crowd out mouths.

But let us examine this issue.

Wisdom teeth are otherwise called the Third Molars, and are the furthest back teeth. They most often appear in the late teens or early twenties.

A report published?in the American Journal of Public Health offered some devastating facts, claiming that more than 67 % of preventative wisdom teeth removals are unnecessary. This means that out of 10 million wisdom teeth extractions in America each year, only 20 proved to be necessary.

Moreover, it was shown that the claims that wisdom teeth cause all kind of illnesses, are simply not true.?So, let us look from another perspective. The extraction of wisdom teeth is a huge business for the dental industry (around a billion dollars annually).

Dr. Weston A. Price did extensive research on the connection between oral health and diseases in the 1900s. He found native tribes, with their traditional diets, that were almost 100 percent free of tooth decay.

Hence, he concluded that dental and overall health lie in nutrition. Luckily, holistic dentists practice this discovery nowadays, as they understand that when you supply enough nutrients to the jaw bone during its development, all 32 teeth will have proper space in your mouth without crowding. This means that proper nutrition is the key behind trouble- free wisdom teeth.

Moreover, Dr. Weston Price also found that when these tribes started consuming sugar and white flour, the condition of their perfect healthy teeth quickly deteriorated.

In addition, Jay Friedman, a California-based dental consultant found that more than two-thirds of all wisdom tooth extractions are medically unnecessary, and that most patients would be perfectly fine if they didn?t remove these teeth.

The teeth are vital, living organs within and connected to the body as a whole. The meridian acupuncture system, known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 5000 years, shows the vital relationship between your teeth and your?joints,?spinal segments, vertebrae, organs and endocrine glands. According to acupuncture meridians, wisdom teeth are connected to our small intestine and the front of our pituitary gland.


Facts say that 46 percent of the motor and sensory nerves in your brain?s cerebral cortex are interconnected to your mouth and face.?Therefore, the extraction of a tooth disturbs and breaks an acupuncture meridian that flows through the area of that tooth.

Moreover, that procedure can also be very dangerous. Though it is a common surgery for a lot of?Americans, wisdom tooth extraction involves very serious risks which can lead to sudden death.?

This was proved by the fact that between 57,000 and 175,000 people after wisdom teeth extractions?have had permanent tingling, prickling or numbness caused by nerve damage, which again shows that all of our teeth are connected via nervous system pathways to every part of our body.

To sum up, we strongly believe that the removal of wisdom teeth should not be performed unless there is a good reason to do so.

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