Just Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House. The Reason? You?ll Want To Try THIS Trick Right After Reading This!

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It?s a fact.? Modern life is stressful.? It?s really difficult to carve out relaxation time for ourselves where we can escape the hassles of every day and recharge.? We all cherish those moments here and there where we can just take a deep breath, lay down our burdens for a time, and focus on taking care of ourselves.

Easy, Cost-Effective Stress Relief

Luckily, we have help to achieve this goal, and it?s closer than you might think, right in your spice rack!? Instead of heading in for expensive and time consuming spa treatments, you can take some ?me? time and improve your outlook on life by accessing the power of a miracle herb right there in your kitchen.? Say hello to the amazing bay leaf!? It can help relieve stress and tension in 5 minutes with this amazing life hack.

Bay Leaf Back Story

The bay leaf is an inexpensive, common herb native to the Mediterranean region.? Since Russian scientist Gennady Malakhov first discovered its healing properties, it has been used widely in aromatherapy.

Many cooks use bay leaves without realizing its benefits for skin and respiratory conditions, as well as relaxation and tension relief.? Bay leaves can help you fight the long-term chronic stress levels that can have major consequences to your health.

What to Do:

? Take a single bay leaf (fresh or dried will do) and burn it in an ashtray or similar fire-safe container open to the air.

? Come back into the room 10 minutes later.

? After experiencing the relaxing smoke in the air, you may notice a totally different atmosphere, one of relaxation.

? Enjoy your very own spa experience by sitting back and feeling the soothing aroma calm you and nourish your soul and body.

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