What are the Best Food Combos for Weight Loss?

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We talk a lot about food. I receive emails saying that if there weren?t for me, people wouldn?t know they have a talent for cooking.

I?m happy that I could help.

For that occasion, I will share with you something that I found recently.

You know how I want to experiment with my food, right? I want to try everything and make a tasty combination for my family and friends.

What I found is a complete guide you can use for further food preparations. Some of these combinations might look strange for you, but the taste will take you to another dimension.

Let?s check this complete guide for Breakfast, Treats, Beverages, Lunch, and Dinner.



Oatmeal and Berries

Delicious oatmeal breakfast topped with berries will give you a fat-burning boost for the day. Your body will be filled up with energy.

Some people say they feel hungry when they eat oatmeal. Everything is in their minds because they eat in three hours after their breakfast.

Berries are full with micronutrients that will assist your body in losing weight.

Yogurt and Berries

Some of you can?t enjoy a nice bowl of oatmeal. That?s why there is the yogurt that will do the trick for you.

The breakfast is a combination of calcium and Vitamin D. It does magic decreasing belly fat and fat absorption.

Walnuts and Berries

If you are more?of a ?healthy-fat-breakfast? person, nuts and berries will give you the powerful combination that triggers the fatty acid production and reduces inflammation.

The combo reduces the fat storage in your body and boosts the insulin metabolism.

Ricotta and Berries

I?m not a big fan of mixing these two. However, if you can eat it, you will get boosting properties that metabolize the fat in your body efficiently.

Topping ricotta with berries will decrease the formation of fat cells up to 73%.


Yogurt and Cinnamon

A study says that if you are mixing calcium and vitamin C foods, then you will see a decrease of the fat cells in your body.

When you add cinnamon, you?ll get a breathtaking taste full with antioxidants.

Coffee and Cinnamon

You can add cinnamon to every food you want to eat. It?s calorie-free but comes as the ?cherry on top? punching the taste to another dimension.

The cup of joy, as many people call the coffee and cinnamon combo, is full of antioxidants that reduce the accumulation of belly fat.

White Tea and Lemon

White tea brakes down the stored fat in your body. The whole tea combination is rich in antioxidants that will do magnificent work triggering the release of fat from cells and transforms it into energy.

Water and Citrus Fruits

Fruit infused water is what you need in your life. Especially if you prepare it with citrus fruits.

The whole fruits are rich with powerful antioxidants that stimulate liver enzymes that help your body flush the harmful toxins.


Cayenne and Chicken

Sprinkle a dash of cayenne powder half an hour before you grill that chicken.

When you mix cayenne pepper with protein-rich foods, you will increase the calorie burn by 35%.

Peppers and Eggs

The eggs boost your metabolism while the peppers are the rich source of Vitamin C. The powerful combination will give you the strength to fight off cortisol.

Haters will say that eggs are for breakfast.

Peppers and Potatoes

A study says that spuds are the hunger satisfiers that help?you lose weight. It?s revealed that potatoes are more filling than brown rice or oatmeal.

The potassium will make you look slimmer immediately.


Spinach and Bananas

The unusual combination will boost the satiety and resist digestion. The body will be forced to work harder to digest the food while promoting fat oxidation and reducing abdominal fat.

This treat is recommended as a pre-workout treat. You can prepare it as a smoothie.

Spinach and Avocado Oil

The avocado oil is full of monosaturated fats that will satisfy your hunger. Mixed with high-volume, low-calorie greens, like the spinach, will give you enough nutrients for the day.


Tuna and Ginger

It?s a little bit an Asian mix, but you will love it. The ginger boosts your metabolism by giving power to the gastric emptying. It blocks enzymes and genes in the body that are the reason for inflammation.

Tuna is rich in omega-3 fat that will keep you full for a longer period

Salmon and Garlic

Salmon has the muscle building power. It?s complete with proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. I don?t know if you heard, but the more muscles you have in your body, the higher your metabolic rate.

The garlic comes as the perfect topping here. A study shows that if a woman consumes 80 milligrams of garlic extract per day for 12 weeks, she will lose weight and reduce BMI.

What do you think about these combinations?

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