This Herb Can Kill Cancer and Eliminate Diabetes!

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Imagine how beautiful the world would be without cancer stories, one of the most devastating diseases of the 20th and 21st century.

Or without diabetes, another disease that is not as mortal as cancer, but it is devastating for the patient and his closest family.

And if more people knew about this magical all-heal herb, that world just might be possible.

Few people know the benefits of Prunella Vulgaris, a herb that is popularly known as the ?all-heal herb?.

The reason is simple, this herb can cure so many diseases, including diabetes and prevent cancer, that if more people were consuming it, we might live in a world without diseases.

Prunella Vulgaris often grows in the waste ground, woodland edges and grassland. It can be found in Asia, Europe, Japan and the US in almost every temperate climate.

The plant is extremely common, and you can find it almost worldwide. The plant grows up to 15 inches when in the wild, but only up to 1 inch in your lawn.

There are two varieties of the plant according to botanists.

The first one is the European species, called also vulgaris, while the North American gets the name ?lanceolate?.

They are almost the same, so the specific name doesn?t make any difference.

Prunella Vulgaris can be used both in medicine and in daily consumption.

The plant is edible, and you can add it to your soups, teas, stews, or toss it into your veggie salad.

The most common usage is in the tea industry, where both individuals and companies use it as a pot herb.

For centuries, the heal-all herb has been used in medicine to help people. Before the World War II, the herb was used for treating heart diseases and to staunch the bleeding.

In Western medicine, the plant has been part of alternative medicine to treat burns, sores, injuries, bruises and some other minor injuries.

However, in Asian medicine, the heal-all herb has a wider usage.

There are clinical analyzes in recent years that show a number of benefits by taking the herb internally as a medicinal tea.

Some studies show great promise that Prunella Vulgaris can be used for treating diabetes, prevention of cancer, prevention of AIDS and other maladies.

The best way to consume the herb is to chop it, and then dry it.

You can prepare a cold water infusion with the dried leaves of the herb. The refreshing beverage is tasty and healthy.

What makes the herb so powerful and healthy is the number of chemicals constituting the herb.

Those are Oleanolic-acid, Rutin, Ursolic-acid, Tannins, Rosmarinic-acid, Betalinic-acid, Delphinidin, D-Camphor, Hypersoide, Manganese and much more.

According to a recent study coming from South Korea, the herb can enhance cognitive functions.

The herb was tested on lab mice, but scientists believe that the effects can apply to humans as well.

According to the results of the study, the herb can activate the NMDA receptors in the nerve cells, both directly and indirectly.

According to the scientists, the Rosmarinic-acid is the ingredient responsible for the cognitive improvements.

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