Learn All These Tricks About Burning Off Calories And Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Fat

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To lost weight and to burn off calories you need to exercise. We see people at the gym – running on the treadmill, power cycling, spinning, lifting weights and swimming. Jumping rope or skipping as it is also called, is also fantastic.

But not all of us like doing hectic exercise. Going to the gym can be a chore for some people and the thought of running, sweating, using a change room shower and doing all that communal gym buddy stuff is awful.

You can also be clever about cutting calories without ever building up a sweat.

Try these tricks to cut your calories:

  1. Change your lifestyle

You do not have to do this in a huge way but me more aware of what you are doing.? Be aware of what you eat and have half a chocolate instead of a whole one.? Want that cake? Go for it, but eat it slowly so you don?t want a second piece.? Keep drinking coffee, of course, but have it with low fat or skim milk.? Maybe switch from cappuccino to black coffee, to avoid the milk.? Snack on an apple if you are able to.? Don?t go nuts with your diet, at all, just slowly shift a few things.

  1. Tap your foot

Sounds funny hey but get those feet tapping.? When you are on the phone, walk around with it instead of sitting. While you?re in the kitchen cooking, do a couple of lunges between stirring the potatoes. At your computer? That?s okay if you are sedentary. Do a few heel raises, tap your feet, sit up straight and pull in your core. Each little movement will burn a calorie or two and they will all start adding up.

  1. Watch television

Yes, you can watch TV, as much as you want. But if you?re lying down, engage your core. Do a few sit ups while you watch. Roll your neck and even do arm exercises, or leg ones. Maybe switch to a fitness channel, or a cooking channel, you might be inspired to cook a healthy meal. Stay away from the Great British Bake Off. And seriously, never eat in front of the television, it becomes mindless eating and you eat more without realizing.

  1. Use a small plate

This is a really good idea. Take out the big plate, look at it, shake your head, put it away, and take out the small plate. See, two calories just burned off, right there. Then use a small plate for your helpings, you actually give yourself smaller helpings too and eat slowly.

  1. Count your chips

Seriously.? Same with nuts.? Go for it, eat them, they are delicious, of course.? Count how many chips are in the packet.? 50? Count again, just to be sure. Yip, 50.? Now give yourself a target, maybe 30.? So you are going to eat 30 and put the rest away for tomorrow.? You know what?? Once you have counted your chips twice I promise you are not going to want to eat them at all.? Try it now.? Let us know if it worked.? Do the same with nuts.

  1. Sleep

You burn calories while you sleep and you also feel better about yourself when you have enough sleep.? You should have a minimum of hours a day. Never ever go to bed with food.? Ever.? Now, put away those cookies?

  1. Popcorn

Eat as much as you want but ditch the buttered popcorn at the movies.? Popcorn is fine and it fills you up nicely, but don?t have the fake flavorings and the worst bit is butter.

Okay, here is where the real burning of the calories comes in. WALK. Wherever you go, walk. Walk fast, put on the pace and have fun.? Walking is the best exercise on so many levels. You get to see things you would not normally see.? You get to talk to people and to meet new people. You always meet new dogs and puppies and their owners.? You walk past shops and find a pair of shoes that you just have to have. You clear your brain. Walking is so good for mental health and creativity and any signs of depression and anxiety are often alleviated by walking. Your legs become more toned, if you pull in your core that becomes toned, your skin will shine, you get a natural suntan, and honestly, walk. Walk to the shops to fetch milk or bread, walk to go buy your chocolate if you are craving a chocolate, just walk.

Cutting calories is serious business.? You do not want to binge.? It is far worse for your body if you starve yourself one day and binge the next.? It also does not help you.? Be consistent, do not be obsessed and watch those calories burn off.

Get thin. Get healthy. Burn Fat!





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