Press These Points On Your Baby?s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

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Reflexology as a method of healing is well known for centuries, back to ancient China. It is based on pressure to certain points of the body, especially on the feet. This is linked to correspondence of the feet with the other parts of the body, shown on the picture below.

As the reflexology is completely natural way of healing it is very applicable for helping babies when they faced some healthy problems. Babies usually react on a physical pain or some chemical reaction in the body by crying, so it is necessary to know how to fix this problem.

How you can help your baby?


By rubbing the tips of the toes on the foot can be treated problems with the head and teeth, actually almost all the health issues that occur above the neck. For example, when the baby is teething the reflexology on the tips is of great help.


By pressing the center of a child?s toes are reducing the variety of sinus problems such runny nose, cold or any other respiratory problems.


The top of the foot that touches the ground is linked to the chest. The pressure of this area relieves congestion in the chest and treats chronic coughs or colds that cause phlegm build ups.

Solar plexus

The area of the toes linked to the complex collection of the nerves located between the stomach and the lungs (solar plexus) is near the upper area of the arch of the foot., right before the arch ends and the foot meets ground.

Upper and Lower abdomen

The entire arch of the foot is connected with the abdomen. Upper half of the arch is linked with the upper abdomen and can help with digestive system and digestive problems (bowel obstruction and heartburn).

The pressure on the lower half arch of the foot helps with post-digestive issues, such constipation and bloating.


The pelvic area is connected with the heels of the baby?s foot, so pressing this area effects muscle tightness and postural problems.

It is important to know that reflexology is not a cure for certain diseases but reducing the pain occurred in different parts of the body. The medical help is still necessary so don?t avoid it at all. Reflexology simply reduces the pain and stress.

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