?Flat Belly? Breakfast Recipe For Starting The Morning Strong

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People skip breakfast because that?s how they burn more calories. Empty stomach means flat belly. After few hours, you can eat whatever you want. Everybody intends to live in a world like this. Too bad it?s not real. I had a client who thought this approach is perfect for her. She was desperate to lose weight and didn?t listen my advises. She was coming to the appointment to make me believe in her approach. After a month, she complained about headaches, and I encouraged her to visit the doctor. It came out that she is suffering from low blood pressure and weak blood. It?s a result of what starving could do to you.

A healthy lifestyle or a healthy diet doesn?t mean starving. It means taking care of what you eat and how you treat your body. It?s vital for you to eat highly nutritious and healthy foods. Your meals need to include a combination of minerals and vitamins to improve your overall health quality. While we are at the meals category, let me show you a quick breakfast you can eat every morning and never get bored of it. This breakfast is good because it regulates your metabolism, gives you enough energy, cleanses your intestines, and even provokes the toxins to go out of your body.

The breakfast:


  • 5-7 fleshy plums
  • 1 cup?kefir/low-fat yogurt
  • ground flaxseed
  • 2 tbsp. oat flakes
  • One tsp. Cocoa powder


  • Start preparing this breakfast meal in the evening to be perfect in the morning
  • Soak the dried plums in 100ml of boiling water for 15 minutes
  • Put the cocoa, oats, and flaxseed in a separate bowl
  • Pour the kefir into the oats bowl and stir well.
  • Blend the plums and add them to this mixture
  • Mix the content well and refrigerate it

Ground flaxseed is a good supporting player in a weight loss diet. It provides fiber, which helps you feel full and offers other weight-loss benefits. It’s also one of the top sources of omega-3 fatty acids and lignan, which may facilitate your effort to drop excess pounds. With only 37 calories in 1 tablespoon, flaxseed is easy to include in your diet without breaking the calorie budget. You can also cut calories when you cook by replacing fats and eggs with ground flaxseed. Substances in flaxseed may interact with some health conditions, so consult your healthcare provider before adding them to your diet.

Oats are carbohydrates, something most people trying to lose weight fear.? However, oats can help you lose weight.? The reason is, unlike other refined carbs, oats digest slowly, are packed with fiber and have little impact on your blood sugar. I recommend eating oat groats because they have the highest nutritional value of all oats.? Generally, all oats are healthy and can help you lose weight, as long as they are minimally processed.

You have a ready breakfast to start the day correctly. Don?t be surprised if you lose a few pounds consuming and experimenting with this breakfast. I tried this breakfast last Friday and added some freshly chopped strawberries on top. Yummy!

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