Instantly fall asleep and wake up more refreshed with these tips

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Having trouble sleeping at night?

Sleep is something that we know is essential, yet something that alludes many people. In fact, a poll conducted by the sleep foundation found that 43% of Americans rarely obtained a good night?s sleep on the weeknights.

If you?re one of those individuals who struggle to get quality sleep, here are seven strategies that you can immediately put to use and finally start getting some quality zzz?s.

Give your electronics a curfew

Our television, smartphones, laptops, and tablets all have an artificial light that is making it more difficult for the body to recognize it?s time to sleep. One of the best habits you can implement is to stop using all electronics 90 minutes before bed.

This helps signal to your body that it?s time to sleep.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is one the best self-medications for improving your sleep quality. Exercising helps lower your anxiety levels. Lowering your stress and anxiety levels along with fatiguing yourself immediately helps improve your chances of sleeping easier and more effectively.

Take a hot shower or bath right before sleeping

You?ve maybe had a long and stressful day that leaves you tense and on edge. What better way to unwind than to take a relaxing hot bath or shower before heading to bed? Not only does this provide an outlet to relax mentally, but this sudden rise and then fall of temperatures will help with your sleep.

Keep your bedroom cool

Building upon the previous point of taking a hot shower and then having lower temperatures afterward. This is the perfect remedy for inducing your sleepiness. The ideal temperature for a bedroom is 60 ? 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Switch to chamomile tea at night (Avoid the caffeine)

Many of us love our coffee, but unfortunately, the caffeine in coffee can keep us up late into the night. While you don?t have to avoid coffee, it?s best to avoid it in the evenings.

For those who need something to drink besides water at night, non-caffeinated tea is the perfect alternative.

Chamomile tea is an ideal night time tea due to it reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation throughout the body.

Be strict with the activities you do in the bedroom

I get it, our beds are highly comfortable and cozy. But, our bed needs to only be for a few activities. Working and watching tv aren?t those activities. The reason why is because you only want to associate the bed with relaxing activities such as sleeping and sex?not tv watching and a slew of other work tasks.

Sleep is one of the most important things to get under control. Whether it?s work, health, and even relationships?sleep plays a pivotal role in determining how we show up in each of those facets of our lives.

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