Here?s what happens to your body after you drink a cup of coffee

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82% of Americans surveyed in a 2015 poll said they drink coffee every day. Additionally, the national average of cups of coffee consumed a day is 2.1 cups, though studies show that the amount of coffee consumed increases with age.

We all are highly aware that there are not just popular coffee chains on every corner, but also many artisanal caf??s are widely spotted throughout cities and towns all across America! It is more than safe to say that coffee is incorporate in our culture whether you particularly enjoy it or not, though statistically the majority of you do!

You might have noticed that coffee has particular effects on your body, and this might contribute to your undying devotion of the beloved drink, but have you ever wondered what exactly it does to your body throughout the day? Today we are going to break it down!

Here is what happens to your body within one hour after drinking coffee!

Within the first 10 minutes?

The caffeine within the coffee begins to enter your bloodstream raising your heart rate, and thus your blood pressure begins to rise as well.

After 20 minutes?

You begin to experience an alertness and the ?fog? that I might have been in your head clears as you are better able to solve- problems. Additionally, the caffeine is able to help you feel less tired by connecting to your brains adenosine receptors.

When adenosine is ?received by your adenosine receptors you become less active and more sleepy. However, with caffeine connects, adenosine cannot enter making you therefore less sleepy!

At the 30 minute mark?

Your body starts to produce more adrenaline. This leads to ?sharper vision? essentially because it makes your pupils dilate a little!

Reaching 40 minutes?

The level of serotonin begins to increase in your body, which might account why some more ?grouchy? morning people experience a mood lift after their morning coffee! Serotonin also improves the functioning of your motor neurons, which in turn boosts your muscle strength!

Here is what happens to your body after one hour of drinking coffee!

After four hours?

Coffee has the ability to increase the rate at which your cells release energy! Stimulating the stomach acids for digestion; your body additionally begins to break down fats at this point, even if you are remaining sedentary!

After six hours?

This is where things are not so cute anymore. After six hours caffeine begins to have a diuretic effect. What this means is that your body begins to want to not just purge water, but also some essential vitamins and minerals. In some individuals this can lead to slight disorders of calcium metabolism.

There you have it! Now that you are aware of the effects coffee itself has on the body, you can be mindful if it is your ?cup of tea? (pun intended, even if failed) so to speak!

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