Get rid of toxins and lose up to 7 pounds in one week!

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Want to get rid of toxins and lose weight? Try this green tea and mint detox drink.

I often find myself saying this, ?your metabolism is your best friend!?, it is your partner in crime when it comes to weightloss and though it seems quite apparent is often the crux of many people?s health regimes who are unaware of how to work with it; struggling to lose weight no matter how much they work out or alter their nutrition.

Your metabolism, the body process that converts food and water into energy, is at its best when it is able to be constantly at work! Therefore, aiming for more ?meals? in a day that are easily digestible is the way to go cause the more your metabolism is burning fuel the more it will also tap into your energy storage, called ?fat?, *wink* to only have what is essential in your body at the end of the day!

Here is an anti-oxidant rich drink which has ?little bits of goodness?, as I like to call them, in it that will encourage your metabolism to work a little harder in digesting them! Additionally, the fact that this drink is meant to be served chilled will also boost your metabolism as chilled water that is drunk requires that your body warm up a little to accommodate it, which is accomplished via your metabolism!

The contents of this drink will not just boost your metabolism, but cleanse your body!

Green tea is the basis for this drink! Even lower quality brands of tea have amazing health benefits but can contain much more fluoride then anyone would ever want so try to spring for organic higher quality green tea if you can!

The secret of green tea is that it contains the antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG, this plant based anti-oxidant has been linked to the treatment and prevention of various diseases and therefore is a front runner in the already loaded array of polyphenols (plant-based nutrients) that green tea offers!

Mint itself is a powerful appetizer, so we gotta throw that in, and not just for its refreshing taste!

The smell of mint activates our salivary glands! Additionally, when we digest mint the anti-inflammatory properties of mint, combined with the fact that digestive enzymes increase in production due to the presence of mint, means that mint facilitates the whole healthy process of digestion!

With mint on our side we can be sure that our bodies will be running smoothly, which when we are trying to encourage s a speedy engine is exactly what we would like!

Green tea with citrus fruits and mint


  • Five green tea bags
  • Orange, lemon, or grapefruit (cut into smaller pieces, with rind intact)
  • Small bundle fresh mint


Step 1) Boil 1 liter of water, and after let your green tea steep for 3 minutes or until strong.

Step 2) Pour into a tall glass and chill, after add your chosen cut-up citrus bits

Step 3) Slightly ?bruise? the mint (i.e pinch it or rub it between your fingers just to release a little of its natural oils) and add it to your glass!

Step 4) Enjoy before your meals, and in addition to contributing to the ?fullness? of each meal you?ll see a difference in your metabolism within 2 weeks!

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