16 Surprising Reasons You Should Stop Using Febreze Immediately

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You can survive quite a few days without food, a few days without water but you can only survive three minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is crucial for your health and well-being, and in a world full of airborne pollutants thanks to big industry and commercial products formulated without much thought you want the cleanest and purest oxygen that you can get! Breathing healthy air from nature is a great start. Taking a hike, or going to the park is a great way to inhale plenty of fresh oxygen.

You sleep better and feel better. Your brain feels the effects first. When you have pure unpolluted oxygen your brain works better and you have better mental focus and cognitive reasoning. Your whole body feels better. You have more energy, you fall asleep faster and get a better nights rest and most importantly your brain stays sharp!

We can?t do much about industrial chemicals and toxins being pumped into the air and environment around our homes, the only thing that we can do is become aware and do our best to not support these companies economically. You can control which products are in your home though, and if you care about your health and the health of your family this information will help you remove products that have chemicals and carcinogens in them from your home.

When you are in your home you have some control over how pure the air quality is in your home and how much oxygen you have available. You can get plants that purify the air and deodorize the air with essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus in an aromatherapy diffuser. This is what I personally do and I love it! It doesn?t work for the bathroom but it works for the rest of the home very well. It?s completely natural and free of any chemicals. Peppermint and eucalyptus deodorize the air and purify it and help your nasal pathways so that you can breathe better.

Two products that are very common all throughout the world really you see in many homes are febreze and lysol. These cans contain an array of chemicals that are harmful for health and well-being and even worse if you have children as their bodies are smaller and impact them more strongly.

Just take a look at what?s in febreze?

  • BHT ? This is a known neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor (bad for hormones), immunotoxicity (bad for immune system), non-reproductive organ system toxicity, skin eye and lung irritator
  • Acetaldehyde ? Known to cause cancer (carcinogen), toxic to reproduction and development, immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin, skin, eye and lung irritator
  • ?Fragrance? ? One of the three ingredients actually disclosed, it?s a neurotoxin, immunotoxin and allergen
  • Propylene Glycol ? Causes cancer, allergies, toxic to immune system, accumulates in the system, non-reproductive organ system toxin, is classified with ?enhanced skin absorption? and irritates the skin, eye and lung
  • 1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol ? Carcinogenic (causes cancer)
  • Limonene ? Allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Methyl pyrrolidone ? Toxin to reproduction and development, allergen and immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Alcohol denatured ? Also disclosed in the ingredients of Febreze, it?s linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Butylphenyl methylpropion al ? allergen, immunotoxin and and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Ethyl acetate ? linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, organic system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Geraniol ? Linked to allergies, immunotoxicity, organi system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritation
  • Linalool ? allergen, immunotoxin, and and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Benzaldehyde ? neurotoxin, and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether ? non-reproductive organ system toxicity
  • Ethylhezanol ? developmental and reproductive toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Hexyl cinnamal ? allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator

The list actually goes on further. To sum everything up the ingredients in febreeze not only irritate the skin, eyes and lungs but they are also carcinogens (cancer causing), as well as linked to causing allergies, a weakened immune system, a weakened and disrupted hormonal system, as well as linked to influencing reproductive organs.

Febreeze is toxic, it?s chemicals in a can that promise a healthier environment and a fresher scent but the only thing febreeze does is spray chemicals in your home for a fake ?clean? and deodorized smell, that comes from chemicals. Your health and the health of your children are negatively impacted by these chemicals so it?s best to completely avoid this product.

The only plus to this product is that it will kill some germs because of the strong chemical concoction, but you can kill germs with something simple such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and not leave all the chemicals behind for you and your family to inhale and sleep on.

Find alternatives, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and essential oils are a great start to deodorize and create a great smelling home.

P.S. I have this bag with bamboo charcoal in it in my home (I keep it in my bathroom) and it works well to remove and reduce odors. You just put it in that room where you need it most!

Also, here?s a febreze altnerative product that is 100% natural from plant sources that don?t contain any of the carcinogens and toxins found in products like febreze and lysol.

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