Men Have A Morning ?Secret? That Every Woman Should Know About

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Women think that men want sex at all times, and the argument is strengthened when they see their man wake up with morning wood. Women have a problem understanding this phenomenon, and always relate it to a desire for sex. However, according to latest studies, it has nothing to do with sex.

Morning wood is a natural process which affects men of all ages (even infants!). It is known as penile tumescence medicinally, and can be caused by numerous factors.

A direct result of wet dreams

A wet dream is sometimes the cause of morning wood, but it is not a generally accepted theory.

Morning wood = Pee-Boner

Morning wood is also known as pee-boner as it goes down after going to the bathroom.

Our brain is responsible

In the REM stage of our sleep, parts of the brain are in a sleep-like state, leaving our penis free to do what it wants.


The testosterone levels in men are at their highest in the morning, which means that morning wood makes them real men.

The penis wants to be ready for action at all times

According to a theory, morning wood occurs because the penis wants to be ready for action at all times.

He rubbed against you

Of course, physical stimulation arouses the penis and may be one of the causes of the phenomenon.

The erection comes once the brain tells the body that it?s ready

Men are capable of holding an erection for hours, but this can be a painful experience as the penis can only hold blood for a limited time.

A good night rest is important

Proper rest overnight (6-8 hours of sleep) is important in order to be more productive the next day.

You may need to compromise as a couple

Men are hornier in the morning, while women like to have sex at night, so you might have to compromise.

Your man is not the only one with an erection overnight

The average man has 4-5 erections while he sleeps, so it?s not just your partner.

It affects all men

Morning wood affects young, middle-aged men and even infants!

The bladder might be causing it

The bladder fills with urine overnight, pressing on the spinal cord and causing reflex erection.

It means that you?re healthy

A morning wood shows that your testosterone levels are fine and is an indication of good health.

Not working out or too much exercise affect your testosterone levels

To keep the levels of this hormone steady, balance is the key.

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