Place cabbage on your chest, legs, or neck for one hour and this happens to your body

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Cabbage is one of the best low calorie foods with tons of health benefits. While a lot of people know that cabbage is a helpful cholesterol lowering food, most people don?t know about the strange yet healthy uses of cabbage. Surprisingly, cabbage can have a positive effect if used as a topical remedy. Yes, the uses of cabbage in this article are unusual, but like putting onions in your socks?or honey on your face, they have been proven to work.

Whether you have a headache, thyroid pain, or swelling, try using cabbage leaves as a remedy.

Help For Thyroid Gland:

The thyroid?is one of the most important glands in the body. It produces hormones that play a crucial role in the health of your digestive organs and metabolism. Eating cruciferous vegetables like cabbage may interfere with healthy hormone function, but folk medicine says that placing cabbage leaves on your thyroid gland overnight may neutralize thyroid-disrupting hormones. Since it may be hard to sleep with cabbage leaves on your neck, try leaving them on your neck for long hours when you can relax at home.

Headaches Be Gone:

Because cabbage is rich in vitamins C & K, folate, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, it is an effective remedy for getting rid of headaches. A lot of headaches can be caused by stress?or nutritional deficiencies, which is why it is great to eat cabbage. An odd yet effective trick you can use is placing cabbage leaves on your temples or upper forehead. Your skin will absorb the nutrients and the cabbage will cool you down as well. For added relief, you can place cabbage leaves in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to applying them.

No More Breast Feeding Pain:

If you are a woman who has given birth before, you might have experienced the intense pain that was associated with the lactation process. What can you do when this pain becomes essentially unbearable and you have exhausted all of your other options for easing your suffering?

Say goodbye to this pain by placing fresh cabbage leaves on your breasts, ladies. Take a rolling pin and go over the cabbage leaves so that they can mold to your breasts more easily. You can keep them on your breasts for several hours, or place chilled leaves on your breasts two times a day for 20 minutes. You can follow these short sessions up with breastfeeding or pumping. You should experience relief within a week.

While this might sound strange to some women out there, there is a solution that is 100 percent natural and requires you to take zero drugs. This remedy has been being used for quite some time and once you get past your initial reservations on the matter, you will be able to enjoy a great deal of relief from the pains that you are currently feeling.

Cold cabbage leaves are a great way to seek relief and even women who experience chest pains because of bras that are too small can utilize these leaves to ease their suffering. If you cannot find cabbage, there are other members of the cabbage family that can be used to assist you.

White cabbage and kale are also effective and according to scientific studies, the cabbage is just as useful as a cold compress when it comes to eliminating chest pains. Would you like to try this method for yourself? It starts by placing a head of cabbage in the fridge for one hour.

The outer leaves must be removed and the inner leaves that are used on your chest must be soaked in cold water. After you?ve cut a hole in the center for your nipple, place them over the breast for a period of 20 minutes and allow the relaxing effect to wash over you.

Should your pain continue to persist after the usage of this home remedy, this is a sure sign that you need to see a doctor immediately. Take a moment to share this story with your expectant friends and family members.

Decrease Joint Swelling:

Many physical therapists have frequently recommended wrapping joints?in cabbage leaves because they help decrease inflammation. Cabbage contains glucosinolate, which is a cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory compound. Remove the stiff veins from the cabbage leaves and place the leaves in between two paper towels. Pound the leaves with a meat tenderizer to activate the healing compounds. Immediately place those leaves on the affected joint to decrease swelling and pain.

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