Remove Every Poison From the Body in Just a Few Days With This Detox Plan

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If you feel tired for no reason and often lack energy, it?s time for your detox treatment. We bet that you hate everything about your dry and pale skin, and let?s not forget your raccoon eyes.

Regular cleansing is of utmost importance, otherwise you?re more susceptible to infections, flu, and viruses.

We give you the ideal weekend detox plan. It?s exactly what you need to optimize the function of your kidneys, intestines, liver, lungs and lymph.

For optimal results, do it twice a year for 10 days. If you can get used to it for this long, try to do it at least over the weekends.

Be more active, and enjoy your morning walk. You can also swim or jog. Drink plenty of water and tea. Dandelion, nettle, and birch tea are nice alternatives you should try.

Detox plan

Drink 250ml of warm water right after you wake up. That?s the base of your detox regimen.

Day 1

Breakfast:?250ml warm water,? 1 cup of oat flakes and a tablespoon of flax seeds, ? cup fresh blueberries, 250ml Greek yoghurt or green tea, 200ml low-fat yogurt or almond milk

Lunch:? 250ml water,? 250 grilled hake, Swiss chard and extra virgin olive oil + 1 roasted potato, 2 cups of salad (tomato, green, arugula), 1 small banana and a slice of melon

Snack:?250ml water, 1 apple, ? cup pumpkin seeds, 180ml yoghurt

Dinner:??2 cups of salad (dress with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil), ? cup steam-cooked veggetables (spinach and broccoli are nice options), green smoothie (use spinach celery, banana and apple), 250ml water or anise tea

Day 2

Breakfast:?1 cup oat flakes, 200ml almond milk or low-fat yogurt, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds,? 1 pear and green tea


Lunch:?250ml warm water, 200g grilled chicken, 150g pickles, veggetable soup (pepper, beans, potato, carrot, onion, celery)

Dinner:?green?smoothie (use almonds, banana, berries, spinach, kale, and cucumber) , beets, and carrots dressed with lemon juice, nettle tea.

Repeat this diet plan for 3 more days. Also make sure to prepare the following juice and take it everyday:

1 apple
1 carrot
1 inch ginger
1 lemon
200 ml water
Blend it all together and enjoy.

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