This Honey, Lemon and Cinnamon Based Drink Will Speed Up Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight

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Fighting the battle of the bulge can be rather challenging process, and it can easily turn into a nightmare. Starving and strict diets ?kill? your mood, health, and you will easily get stuck with a terrible disease. A better approach is to speed up your metabolism.

Are you aware that the detrimental impact of starving yourself and the impact of insufficient physical activity? Do you drink enough water?

Well, some of you eat well, exercise every day, drink plenty of water, but can?t lose weight. We have the right solution to your problem, and all you need is organic lemons, raw honey and cinnamon.

This mighty combo will boost your metabolism, eliminate toxins, and promote a healthy weight loss process.


Pectin keeps you full, and keeps you ?safe? from snacking salty chips or chocolate cake.

Honey and warm water

Need an alkaline kick? Try your sweet honey water, and you will never ever deal with excess fat.


The aromatic spice enhances digestion, controls insulin levels, and promotes the breakdown of carbs. Cinnamon will also improve your body?s ability to absorb nutrients.


? lemon, juiced
1 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. cinnamon, freshly ground
1 glass of warm water

Combine the ingredients together, and enjoy your slimming drink.


Take your weight loss drink in the morning to prevent the stubborn yo-yo effect. Don?t use store-bought appetite suppressants, because these have a negative effect on the metabolic processes in your body.

Always consult your doctor before you use any homemade remedy.

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