This Super-Healthy Leaf is Able to Remove Varicosity in Veins, Pain in Joints, Lack of Memory and Headaches?

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This incredible leaf has a lot of medicinal properties. You are able to heal many issues if you make an oil of this plant and use it.

Probably every one of us has laurel in our homes. Laurel is an aromatic evergreen tree that is commonly used as a spice for many dishes. However, did you know that this plant has even better effects on your physical health?

Here are the benefits of the laurel leaf:

  • Excellent in cleansing the colon
  • Perfect for calming the nerves
  • It will provide you with more intellectual power and focus
  • The joint pain and varicose veins will be gone
  • Stimulates the swelling
  • Provides you with a stronger immunity

Laurel Oil Recipe

Necessary Ingredients:

30g bay leaves
250ml olive oil

The first thing you need to do is to grind the bay leaves. Then, put the olive oil over the leaves. Place the resulting mixture in a jar. Close the jar well. You need to leave the jar in a dark cold place for 2 weeks.

You will have to shake it occasionally. When 2 weeks have passed, strain the resulting mixture with gauze and put everything in another clean container with lid. It is recommended to keep this mixture in cold rooms.

Health Benefits of Laurel Oil:

  • Massages with warm laurel oil will treat your aching joints.
  • It is the perfect solution for ear pains and migraines.
  • Remove the headache by rubbing it on the temples.
  • It is perfect for reducing the body temperature.
  • It is able to improve the intestine work and the digestion.
  • Perfect for renal and hepatic issues.
  • If you experience skin problems, use it as a lotion.
  • Eliminates acne and pimples.

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