4 Weight loss Lies That Are Keeping You Fat And Deprived

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If you?ve ever heard somewhere that some fruits are totally bad for your health and you must not eat them then, my friend you?re at the right place.

This article will clear your myth and doubts about fruits.

Believe me! I?m sick to death of all the b.s. out there that?s causing healthy people to NEEDLESSLY DEPRIVE themselves of nutritious food.

And I?m even more sick of the b.s. that?s causing people to do HARMFUL STUFF to themselves in the name of ?weight loss?.

We?ve worshipped at the altar of ?skinny and thin? long enough ? and now it?s time to wake up and realize that good things also come in big packages, curvy packages, more-cushion for-the-pushin? packages, and unashamedly-loving-food packages.

Let?s clear the air, guys.

Stupid Weight-Loss Myth #1: Bananas/Avocados/Sweet Fruits Make You Fat and Are Binding

While checking my email today, I saw a little flickering ad that said, ?To cut out belly fat, try this one weird old tip.? (Side note: why do these ads always involve the word weird?)

As a health writer, I like to see what the word is today on weight-loss, so I clicked on it and up came a small and badly-worded paragraph about how bananas are one of the three ?key ingredients? that you ?must avoid eating? if you want to slim down.


According to this ad, bananas are one of the ?so-called health foods? that are actually preventing you from losing weight and you should avoid eating them if you want to lose weight.

I have seen similar ads about watermelons, grapes, and avocados.


No, no, no, NO. Bananas, avocados, grapes, watermelons, and all other foods that grow in Nature on this planet, are the ultimate miracle package of nutrients, fiber, minerals, enzymes, and mysterious disease-fighting compounds (as in, we don?t even know about most of them yet.)

If anyone is telling you to avoid a particular kind of fruit, vegetable, legume, seed, or nut on the grounds that it is ?fattening? and will ?make you fat?, then that person is CRAZY.

People like this make me sick. They take ridiculous fake-scientific ?factoids?, dress them up with a bunch of fake information, get the endorsement of some crooked ?scientist? or ?weight-loss expert? or ?spokesmodel?.

ak.a. people who are getting paid to mouth meaningless words.

And use that fake information to confuse a whole bunch of sad, sick, fat people, and make money off of them. Remember, when it comes to health, beauty, longevity and weight-loss, nature kicks science right in the butt. If that food is natural and healthy, you can eat it without worrying about the consequences.

(In fact, since anxiety triggers cortisol production, worrying about the food you?re eating is one of the best ways to convert that food into FAT!)

Anyone who is trying to convince you that you ?absolutely must? avoid a particular item, take a particular supplement, or eat a certain way, are generally out to make money off of you.

The truth is, we all have different bodies and what works for one person may not work for you. You have to pay attention, try stuff out for yourself, and see what feels best for you.

The good news is that there is no ?trick? to natural foods. If it grows in Nature, is born in Nature, or is made from natural foods ? as opposed to being created in a lab, a test-tube, a factory, or brought into the world by scientists ? then, unless you really OD on it, you can eat it to your heart?s content and it will not make you fat.

Stupid Weight-Loss Myth #2: Artificial Sweeteners Help You to Lose Weight

Yes, artificial sweeteners are lower in calories than sugar.

They are also highly toxic depressants proven to cause anxiety, appetite increase, and weight gain.

Word has it that the only reason such dangerous substances are even on the market is because of a scam perpetrated by the FDA! It?s been said that the makers of aspartame (Nutrasweet) had to try for years before they could get it approved for mass consumption ? and even then it only got approved because of some VERY dodgy handling of the situation.

If you include artificial sweeteners in your diet, you will find it very hard to lose weight and become healthy because they mess with your hypothalamus, your endocrine system, emotions, moods, appetite, and food cravings. Stay away.

Stupid Weight-Loss Myth #3: Meat and Fat Should Be Avoided for Reasons of Health and Slimness

Another example of idiotic nonsense.

Look. I understand that – especially in the US – most types of meat are highly inhumane and are stuffed full of antibiotics, growth hormones, and other nasty unhealthy additives. And for that reason, you should avoid commercial meat of any type (including farmed fish.)

But quality, organic, humanely-raised meat is an entirely different story!

Meat is actually a health food for most humans. Yes, the fat is saturated, but our bodies do actually need saturated fat to stay healthy (children and teenagers in particular.)

The quality fats in meat can help you burn more body fat and build strong muscle. Meat is a quality protein with highly bioavailable protein for our bodies. If you are in a highly active part of your life ? working out a lot, sweating a lot, dancing a lot, working a lot ? you might very well need the extra strength and density in meat to give you strength and endurance.

Recently I read a popular diet book claiming that veganism (no meat, dairy, eggs, or animal products of any kind) is the way to achieve slimness and health.

The authors explained that, since gorillas are one of the strongest animals in the world, and since they eat nothing but fruit and leaves, ?it runs to reason? that humans should not need to eat meat or dairy to build tremendous strength also.

This is exactly the kind of irritating nonsense that makes me angry when I read ?popular? diet books. It?s nothing but pseudo-science.

Yes, gorillas are strong. Yes, they eat leaves and fruit. But gorillas are a totally different species to us, so what difference does it make to us what they eat?

It matters what WE eat, what WE need. And everybody is different. Some people feel happy and healthy on a vegetarian diet; I myself was a strict vegan for six months, and felt weak and tired and riddled with food cravings the entire time. I actually gained weight on a vegan diet.

Next I switched to vegetarianism (one year), adding cheese, eggs, and a little milk to my diet; and I STILL didn?t feel right. Now, I eat meat almost every day and I am fit, happy, and feel great.

So let?s get it straight: the theory that restricting animal fats through a strict low-fat vegetarian diet can prevent heart disease has been shown many times over to be completely faulty. (And let?s not forget, those guidelines were originally put in place for those already at risk of heart disease, not the population at large!)

The bottom line is this: if you want to live to 50, be a vegetarian. If you want to live to 100, eat meat and vegetables both!

Stupid Weight-Loss Myth #4: To Lose Weight, Count Calories.

No, no, no!

To lose weight, you need to look at chemicals, not calories. It?s not the food we?re eating that?s hurting us ? it?s how that food is prepared and what?s IN that food.

Almost all food in supermarkets is riddled with harmful additives, fungicides, colorings, artificial sweeteners, filler ingredients, and chemicals. Just about anything in a packet, tin, bottle or can has been pasteurized and homogenized. These foods INVARIABLY cause weight-gain and weird food cravings!

To lose weight and maintain your proper, natural weight and shape, watch your chemicals not your calories and above all, be happy. A happy person can digest a rock. An unhappy person can choke down any amount of wheatgrass shots, vegetable broth, and low-fat meals and NEVER lose weight.

Food cravings are not to be taken at face value. A food craving is a craving for life changes. Live a happy life, change what needs to be changed, and your body will attain its natural shape.

I will stop here I believe you enjoyed reading this article on 4 weight loss lies and if you really did please do not forget to share it on your favorite social media.

BYE for now, keep coming back and have a great day.


Author Bio: Hi, I?m Manish Yadav a passionate blogger from India. I?m the founder of the blog https://lovefindsitsway.com, I?m on a mission to help you discover your lost happiness and inner peace again by truly connecting with your soul. Believe me you deserve to be happy and prosperous in this one and only life.

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