The 5 Foods Easiest to Digest

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Digestion problems?plague tens of millions of Americans. Be it acid reflux, indigestion, or irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues are a facet of daily life for far too many people. However, certain foods are easier to digest than others, and a diet heavy in those can help ease digestive troubles. Next time you have tummy troubles change up your diet and try introducing these five foods.


Yogurt is loaded with good bacteria, which can keep the flora in your stomach happy and able to do its job. Just make sure that the label mentions that it contains ?live and active cultures.? Also check the sugar content- some yogurts came paced with added sugar.

There are two types of yogurt you can go with, regular and Greek. Greek yogurt is regular yogurt that has been strained to remove the whey. It has a thicker consistency and a different flavor. Try each to see which you prefer.


There is no better way to start the day than with a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal and other forms of porridge are examples of carbohydrates that are lower in fiber than whole grains, meaning that your body will break them down more easily. While fiber is good for you, it?s not easily digested. For added zip top your oatmeal with fresh ground cinnamon.


Kimchi is a staple at most meals in Korean cuisine, and it has an almost revered status in Korean culture as being good for your health.

While it is spicy, it is meant to help improve your digestion thanks to the fermentation process, which can take months when prepared according to tradition. There are even special kimchi refrigerators that keep it at the right temperature to ensure proper fermentation.


Papaya contains a whole lot of water, and is also high in an enzyme that aids in digestion. Citrus fruits, which are very acidic, aren?t ideal for someone with digestive issues.

Cooked Spinach

Cooked vegetables are much easier on the digestive system than raw ones, and cooked green leafy vegetables, which are high in insoluble fiber, are the easiest to digest. Try steaming the spinach leaves to retain more nutrients and try to find an organic variety. Spinach can also be easily grown in a backyard garden.

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