7 Tips to Relieve Eye Strain

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The average person spends over 8 hours a day using a screen. This causes issues from blue light, resulting in eye strain. Follow these tips to reduce your eye strain.

You can easily reduce the glare
Glare, is simply the intense light coming from the devices screen. This reflective glare coming out or reflecting from the screens can actually lead to the straining of your eyes. Another damage it can cause is the prevention of the sleep hormone known as “melatonin”, especially when you engage in prolonged focus of your screen at night. Most device you can find in the market comes with anti-reflective surfaces, but yet it is not enough to avoid eye strain. When you are using your devices at night, you can easily reduce the glare by tilting your screen slightly sideways.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule
The 20-20-20 rule is also handy whenever you are involved in a tiresome routine, which actually keeps your eyes glued to the computer screen for a long period of time. This can actually cause a computer vision syndrome. What exactly is the 20-20-20 rule? It actually means for every 20 minutes you have looked at your computer screen, you should take a time out of 20 seconds and look at an object (or something) 20 feet away from you. Within this period of break, you can also get up and walk around to increase circulation of blood in your system. This act is actually advantageous to your entire body and not just your eyes.

Use the right medications for your eye
You can also use eye drops or artificial tears on your eyes, whenever you noticed your eyes are becoming dry as a result of too much screen time. If you are making use of corrective lenses or contact lenses, ensure to keep your prescription current with regular examination of your eyes. If you discover that you are experiencing constant eye fatigue. then the problem could be from your eye sight, so it is advisable you fix an appointment with a healthcare professional.

Update your devices to the current version
As you are putting effort to make sure your eye glasses are current, you should also place such consideration on your devices as well. Many people making use of smartphones, regularly update their devices to the current versions, which come with better screen resolution, hence, less possibility of eye strain.

Always adjust the brightness
For effective use, you should always compare the lighting in the room you find yourself to the screen you are using. From your settings, reduce the brightness of your screen to blend in better with the surrounding ambient lighting in your environment. This does not only save energy and extend your battery life, it can also reduce eye strain associated with staring at bright screens.

Keep your screens clean
A dirty screen always result to lower contrast, blurry images, and some other problems that can increase the strain you place on your eyes. Ensure you clean the screen of your various devices regularly by using recommended lint-free cloths and please do not use harsh detergents or sprays.

Keep away from exterior lighting
Bright lights around your surroundings, especially the fluorescent ones, can also increase glare which can easily contribute to additional eye strain. As often as possible, try to keep away your devices from sunlight by closing nearby shades on windows and by turning off unnecessary lighting you can find in your surroundings.

Blink as often as possible
Blinking of the eyes, just like breathing are been categorized as voluntary actions. Though it is an action you carry out unknowingly, you can make it a habit to always blink your eyes more often anytime you are making use of your devices.

Your vision is invaluable and of utmost importance to you. You should try as much as possible to preserve it as long as you live. Following this eye strain relief tips can be a perfect method for you.

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