The simple workout trick you never knew you needed

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Serious runners swear by it, but are you doing it? What is the first thing you do after a hard workout?

After a tough 10k or?HIIT workout?there are a lot of things you want to do ? lie on the ground immobile, call your mom, take a nap, or maybe even cuddle a puppy.

Turns out, you can add another feel good recovery hack to that list ??drink chocolate milk. Yes, really, and accredited practicing sports dietitian, Chloe McLeod explains why.

?Our bodies need carbohydrate, protein, fluid and electrolytes to recover effectively. Effective recovery strategies help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness, improve performance in the next training session and promote optimal gains from the training session that has just been completed,? she says.

Low fat flavored milk does all that, and more, McLeod reckons. And while it may appear that the chocolate is only there to make the milk taste real nice, the extra sugar actually plays a key part in ensuring you’re getting the post-exercise recommendations for?carbohydrate: a 230 ml glass of chocolate milk contains about three times the number of carbohydrates compared to normal milk.

?The research shows that dairy based recovery choices provide exactly what the body needs, due to the content of protein, carbohydrate, fluid and electrolyte. Milk also contains essential amino acids, such as leucine, which promote muscle protein synthesis ? critical for muscle recovery,? explains McLeod.

But drinking chocolate milk is not a substitute for water. You need to hydrate yourself after a workout. Add some electrolytes to your water to replenish those burned off and speed up recovery, and avoid soda or sugar sweetened beverages.



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