10 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

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Beer is probably the world?s most popular alcoholic drink. It’s crisp, bitter taste goes well with many food items and it usually is the preferred drink when you meet your friends during the weekend or for watching a almost any sporting event. Not only does?it taste great, it also has many health benefits. Yes, you heard that?right. It is good for your health when consumed in moderation. Beer contains hops, which give it the bitter taste. It is?rich in antioxidants called flavanoids. The drink is also rich in vitamin B and proteins. Here are ten surprising health benefits. Do remember to not get carried away and always drink in moderation.

1. Boosts creativity

No wonder you come up with crazy ideas after a pint or two. According to a study, drinking beer could improve your creativity. Although it will not make you smarter, it will help you solve puzzles faster.

2. Anti cancer properties

It contains hops, which is rich in flavonoid. Xanthohumol, a flavonoid present in the hops, has been found to play an important role in prevention of cancer. It has been seen to fight off cancer.

3. Good for your skin

Listen up ladies! A brewski is good for your skin as it contains vitamins, which help in skin regeneration. So bottoms up to make your skin supple and smooth.

4. Keeps your kidney healthy

According to a study, beer is better than other alcoholic beverages for your kidney. Drinking beer also reduces the risk of kidney stone.

5. Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases

Vitamin B6 present in beer protects you against cardiovascular diseases. It prevents the clot formation due to its thinning effect. If you drink beer in moderation, it can also lower the risk of inflammation.

6. Lowers your blood pressure

According to a study, moderate consumption of beer lowers your blood pressure. Beer drinkers (those who drink in moderation) are less likely to have high blood pressure as compared to those who drink other alcoholic beverage.

7. Anti ageing properties

Vitamin E, a major antioxidant, keeps the skin healthy and drinking beer increases the impact and the potency of vitamin E. It also delays the ageing process.

8. Boosts immunity
Beer can improve your immunity and keep you protected against infections. It is important to drink beer in moderation for improved immunity.

9. Improves digestion

The soluble fiber present in beer improves digestion. Drinking beer also stimulates pancreatic enzymes, gastric acid and gastrin.

10. Diuretic properties

Have you experienced frequent peeing after drinking beer? That is because of its diuretic property, which increases urination. This helps your body to get rid of all the waste materials and toxins.

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