Hidden Benefits of Having Sex

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So, you are down with a cold? Forget hot chicken soup and have some hot action between the sheets. Yes orgasm is not the only benefit of sex, it is also good for your health. Apart from strengthening your bond with your partner, having sex will improve your immunity, reduce anxiety and improve your overall health. Read on to know more hidden benefits of sex.

Reduces stress

Kissing and caressing release feel-good hormones, which will calm you down. And having sex releases chemical that will ignite your brain?s pleasure brain and will definitely ease stress. Your body will be flooded by the soothing hormone when you have an orgasm. It will boost your self-esteem and confidence. So, next time you have an interview, consider slipping between the sheets before heading out.

Gives your skin a glow

According to a study, those who were making out at least four times a week were looking seven to 12 years younger than their actual age. So, get busy with your partner to look young. Sex releases hormones like estrogen and testosterone, which helps you to look young. The release of estrogen makes your hair shiny and skin soft. Women past their menopausal age have more wrinkles and dry skin as their estrogen level dips. Having sex will release the hormone, which is useful for them.

Improves sleep

Don?t blame your partner if he dozes off right after making out. It happens because after orgasm a hormone called prolactin is released in your body. This hormone is responsible for the drowsiness. It will also make you more relaxed.

Improves immunity

Getting hot and sweaty between the sheets will help you to prevent a?common cold. Having sex has been found to increase the level of immunoglobulin A, an antibody. This antibody will help you to combat common cold and flu.

Ease period pain

Listen up ladies! Have sex to ease your menstrual cramps. During a cramp, uterus muscle contracts and having a hot session with your partner has shown to relieve the tension in the muscles.

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