How to Prevent Athlete?s Foot

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Aside from keeping the immune system healthy, there are also ways to protect the feet from athlete?s foot actively. Having a healthy immune system is the first step. When one is sure of this, protect the feet as well by following these health tips:

  • If a person leaves a damp environment, he must immediately wash his feet. Also, if the feet are prone to sweating, be sure to remove the socks when they sweat. After washing, dry the feet completely to avoid fungal infections.
  • Do the same procedure after walking barefoot in a public place. Wash the feet then dry them completely.
  • When drying the feet, make use or a hair dryer to do a thorough job. Otherwise, use a clean towel to dry the feet completely.
  • Never share socks, towels or even razors with other people. This is especially true if the other person just recovered from athlete?s foot.
  • Always wear clean and dry socks and shoes. After using a pair of socks, wash them with detergent and warm water. Do this to ensure that any harmful bacteria is eliminated.
  • When reaching home, immediately take off shoes and socks. Do this to let the feet breathe.
  • Don?t use tight-fitting shoes.
  • If a person sustains scrapes, cuts or other such injuries on the feet, clean them carefully. After cleaning, protect the wound with a band-aid.
  • Use anti-fungal powder on the feet each day to avoid excessive sweating.
  • When walking around in public places such as swimming pools or public showers, use sandals or flip flops instead of bare feet.

There are many different ways to prevent the occurrence of athlete?s foot. There?s a common saying: prevention is better than cure. And this is very true. It?s so much better to prevent illness or an infection. However, people who have already been affected should be aware of it. Keep an eye out for any changes in the body. When a person knows the symptoms of an illness or an infection, it?s easier to spot them. And when the person identifies the infection early, treatment for it can come early too.

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