Signs that You May be Jealous

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Jealousy can not be avoided when establishing a relationship or romantic dating. Jealous has even been touted as a spice for romantic relationships. How do you feel when you see your boyfriend or girlfriend chatting with an ex or spending time with a person they tell you is “just a friend.”

Some people even think that if the emergence of jealousy is a sign of a strong love relationship. But jealousy is not good if the jealousy is excessive or when it breaks the bonds of trust.

Well, are you a jealous woman, ladies? Here are the signs of jealous women:

1. Always check his instant messaging apps

One sign of jealous women is always checking her couple?s WhatsApp more than 20 times a day to find out what he?s been doing or who he?s been chatting with.

2. Often see what he did in social media

Do you visit your mates social media page regularly- and review their friends list? Do you read every post on his social media page? This behavior is usually done by women when establishing a relationship of romance, especially for those who are actively socializing in cyberspace. Even so, men also do this.

3. Thinks about creating a fake social media account to tempt him

This thought sometimes arises when a woman wants to test how serious a man’s heart is. Maybe this is the best way to prove it.

4. Lying to make him jealous.

Perhaps you once said, “Oh, the ex-boyfriend who is crazy about me calling yesterday and begging to get back with him.” You want to make him jealous, because it means that he is still affectionate with you, right? Wrong! You will only anger him.


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