Sugar Doesn?t Just Feed Cancer Cells, It Produces Them

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The link between sugar and cancer.

There has been a suggested link for years between sugar and cancer.

Supporters of healthy eating claim that cutting out sugar is the key to preventing, and even curing chronic diseases such as cancer.

Studies have shown how cancer cells feed off sugar, and if you starve them of this readily available food, then they will die off.

Otto Warburg famously won the 1931 Nobel prize for medicine for identifying the link between cancer cells and metabolism. A cancer cell will feed on sugar at around 10 times the rate of a normal cell, just showing how ravenous for the stuff they are.

A?2013-2014 Journal of Clinic Investigation study has shown that not only do cancer cells thrive on sugar, they are sometime created due to the presence of sugar in the body. The study was an in vitro study which revealed that in increase in glucose uptake positively correlates with an increase in cancer cells.

It is still unknown what the definite link between cancer cells and sugar is, if we crack that then a cure for cancer will surely follow.

But it is thought that cancer is aggravated by the way it interacts with sugar, as sugar in the body acts differently than other food sources.

The burning of sugar in the body is a chaotic reaction, and this creates free radicals, the beings that crash around in the body damaging the cell structure which causes mutations that lead to tumors.

The less sugar you intake, the more chance the body has of calmly controlling its inner functions, it works more harmoniously and the way it is supposed to.

The advent of our high sugar-diet started when it became easy and cheap to mass produce foods like high fructose corn syrup which includes was more sugar than the average person will ever need.

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