Top 5 Foods That Can Control Cholesterol and Keep Gout Away

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Controlling one?s weight or cholesterol level is important, not just for people with Gout, but even for people who are still perfectly healthy. High cholesterol levels can cause multiple medical problems, and with a Gout condition in tow, it will make one?s condition more complicated.

Foods high in cholesterol are most of the time laden with high purine content too?most meats are. So for a Gout patient, the best?Gout diet guide?should focus on foods that are not just low in purine content, but can control cholesterol levels too.

The following contains a list of foods that can naturally help you?keep your cholesterol level in check(and of course won?t cause you a gout attack too!).

1.) Oats

Oats are rich in fiber, it helps in metabolism and doesn?t contain fat or cholesterol. For someone with a Gout condition, instant oatmeals may not be the best choice as they can contain high levels of purine that can surely cause a Gout attack. Whole-grain oats on the other hand, are best. Oats are good for breakfast, even snacks! And they can be mixed with fruits and fresh milk that will make it more nutritious!

2.) Avocado

Avocado is rich in vitamins and good cholesterol?and it can make for a very yummy treat too! You can eat it as a dessert after meal, or make a smoothie out of it, either way it is healthy, refreshing, and yummy! You can also mix it with other fruits such as apples, banana, or raspberries, for a richer treat!

3.) Tea

Tea or coffee are both fine, even for people with a Gout condition. However, it?s not good to switch from tea or coffee when one wishes it. You must stick with just one choice of drink, or it may cause another flare-up. Coffee may have its benefits, but tea can help you get rid of excess fat in the body and of course, will soothe and calm you. Black Tea is however more preferred as study shows that it reduces blood lipids of up to 10% in just 3 weeks!

4.) Chocolate

This may be a treat, but it?s not just any chocolate you can eat. Dark chocolate is much more preferred (and it?s still yummy, though!) because they contain no sugar or fructose, that could cause a Gout flare-up, and it keeps cholesterol level low with its natural antioxidants.

5.) Olive Oil

If you weren?t using Olive oil as your cooking oil, then it may be time to switch. Unlike the usual cooking oil, Olive oils don?t contain as much cholesterol and bad fat, plus it enhances the taste of any dish that?s cooked or drizzled with it. This is also good for your heart, while it can also be used to make your salad dressings or meals taste better!

For more food that contains healthy choices for a Gout patient, you can download a free?Gout diet guide?and personally take charge of your health and keep a Gout flare-up away in the natural and most effective way!

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