Kiss Hormone Can Benefit Women Suffering From Low Libido

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A new study has revealed that kisspeptin, the kiss hormone, which is known to fuel libido, can help women orgasm better. Previously, the kiss hormone has been associated with fertility and puberty and the new discovery that kisspeptin helps in better orgasm has pointed to a possible new treatment for women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) or low sex drive. In the US, about 40 percent women are affected by HSDD at some point in their life and around 5 to 15 percent suffer from it regularly. Although, testosterone is used sometimes to boost libido in women it has many side effects including deeper voice and facial hair.

According to the author of the study, Liege University?s Professor Julie Bakker, ?There are no good treatments available for women suffering from low sexual desire. The discovery that kisspeptin controls both attraction and sexual desire open up exciting new possibilities for the development of treatments for low sexual desire.? The findings of the study were published Nature Communications, a scientific journal. However, the potential side effects or complication due to the use of kisspeptin is not yet known.

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The research in female mice revealed that both sexual behavior and attraction is driven by kisspeptin. The mice were selected for the research as they depend on the pheromones to know their partners. Saarland University?s Professor Ulrich Boehm, who was another author of the study, said ?Until now, little was known about how the brain ties together ovulation, attraction and sex. Now we know that a single molecule- kisspeptin- controls all of these aspects through different brain circuits running in parallel with one another.?

In the past, many studies have been conducted on the kiss hormone and it was revealed that it can help improve romantic and sexual brain activity and in the treatment of psychological sexual issues.

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