Natural Treatments for an Overactive Bladder

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Overactive bladder (OAB) otherwise known as frequent urination is not only a nuisance; but, it seriously impacts every facet of your social life. People avoid going on dinner dates and avoid attending events where they frequently scuttle from their seats to rush to the restroom. An?overactive bladder?is a bane upon people?s lives.

Natural Methods Address Urinary Frequency

Natural methods to overcome your overactive bladder condition work well when put them into practice. Begin your quest for help with a visit to your urologist who will identify or rule out major medical conditions that cause frequent urination. The urologist might find no cause for alarm but may suggest that you try taking prescription medicine. Natural methods for curing overactive bladder conditions are not only achievable, but they do successfully cure urinary frequency.

Bladder Training Denies Frequent Urination

Bladder training uses the power of perception to convince the muscle controlling your bladder that you really do not need to void at the moment you get the urge. Scheduled voiding trains you to ignore your urinary bladder?s signal to immediately void. Delay the urge for a few minutes and ultimately increase the timing to arrive at a scheduled bathroom visit of not more than once between each voiding session.

Kegels Exercise to Hold Back Frequent Urination

Use Kegels exercise to tighten and hold the bladder muscle in a closed position. The bladder muscle controls urination. Professionals use the method of biofeedback to help you locate the muscle that you must squeeze to shut off the urinary demand. Sit or be in a supine position when performing Kegels exercise. Squeeze shut the muscles you use to start and stop urination flow. Start with one set and work your way up to three or more sets.

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Try lying in a supine position and squeeze the muscles in the vaginal or rectal areas to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Repeat the exercise a few times. Do this daily and squeeze your stomach muscles at the same time. That exercise gives you benefits for two causes. You delay the act of frequent urination with Kegels, and you flatten the size of your stomach over time. Discuss the methods with your physician or physical therapist.

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