Did You Know Baked Potatoes Did This?

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Who knew such a simple thing as a baked potato?could cause such a heated debate??Many women avoid potatoes like the plague, fearing all those?carbs will turn into belly fat overnight.

While others who exercise a lot swear that eating potatoes after?a workout helps to replenish their energy, balance out their?mood and actually burn fat faster.

You can only imagine the judging looks that happen when two friends?from each of these opposing camps get together for dinner!

So, who is right? The honest truth is that both may be right??and both may be wrong. It all depends on a woman?s unique hormonal? rhythm and balance.

However, hormonal swings make it confusing to pinpoint which?carbs are best to eat and when ? and which are best to avoid ??for the fastest, healthiest fat loss.

Fortunately you can learn about carbs by reading this free?Fat Loss Remedy Solution Report?.

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