The best drink for your brain

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Did you know that one cup of this drink every day can?dramatically reduce your chances of a stoke?

It?s true!

According to a study published in?Stroke: the Journal of the American Association, the more of this popular drink consumed,?the lower their risk of having a stroke.

This is especially good news because, aside from water, this? beverage is the most popular beverages in the world. Here?s? just some of what the study found:

People who drank at least one cup of this ?super drink? per day had a?20% lower risk of stroke.
People who drank at least one cup per day had a?32% lower risk of intracerebral hemorrhage?(this condition causes about 13% of strokes).
So what is this amazing drink? Well, it?s COFFEE!

Thank?s right? Coffee! So enjoy a cup guilt free knowing that it? can help cut back the odds of some serious brain conditions.

BUT? did you know that there are certain foods that you MUST NOT EAT in order to stay sharp and avoid devastating memory problems that? can strike at ANY TIME?

You can find out what these insidious foods are at the link below.

Anti-Inflammation Diet

You will feel better and younger.

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