Cannabis and Health: Products from the Herb that are Finally Being Accepted

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The health potentials of cannabis are many, and although there have always been controversies regarding the use of the herb due to its psychoactive nature, the health benefits were never exactly a secret either. The good news is that governments around the world and even in the United States are slowly starting to realize and accept that there is more to cannabis than getting high. While it still has a long way to go, here are three health products derived from cannabis which have proven themselves to be beneficial to both human and animal health for various reasons.


Companies like GGB are making cannabis an accepted part of a healthy lifestyle and the multiple benefits of the CBD oil play a huge role in promoting and proving that to everyone. CBD or cannabidiol is just one of the many cannabinoids found in the herb, but it probably is the best candidate for regular use in improving our daily lives thanks to a number of benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • It decreases symptoms of insomnia and anxiety
  • CBD oil can be used for providing natural pain relief against arthritis and other types of joint pain and inflammations
  • The oil has even been found to be useful against psoriasis, eczema and similar skin issues
  • Cannabidiol can also be used to prevent seizures from occurring in certain neurological conditions

Cannabis Edibles

By definition, a cannabis edible is any food product that has cannabis extracts in it. There are various types of cannabis edibles available today (hash brownies, hash cookies, CBD gummies, cannabis chocolates, etc.) and depending on what it is that you are eating, some of them can even get you high, in addition to delivering all the natural health benefits which come with it. The psychoactive effect is however, brought on by the THC found in marijuana and that substance is only found in edibles when the state has legalized recreational use of marijuana. While twenty-nine US states have legalized marijuana in total, only ten of those states allow recreational pot usage.

Cannabis Pet Supplements

It has been found that just like human beings benefit from regular CBD supplementation, so do certain pets such as dogs and cats. However, there is a big difference in the composition of a cannabis product made for humans and the ones made for pets. Dog and cat treats only have trace amounts of THC in them, if any at all, while cannabis supplements for human beings may or may not have a fair amount of THC in them, depending on the function that the product serves and the laws of the state. The relief that older pets suffering from arthritis find with the use of cannabis supplements has pushed them to nearly the top spot on the chart in terms of demand.

More research is going on at the clinical level to identify the medical benefits of cannabis in treating and preventing symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson?s, multiple sclerosis, Crohn?s Disease, etc. As researchers reveal and prove more benefits of the herb beyond all doubt in the very near future, it is expected that even more advanced products with greater benefits will hit the markets soon after.

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