How Safe Are Microwave Ovens!

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Nine out of ten American households use microwave ovens to prepare meals. Microwave ovens or Radaranges as they were called when they first appeared on the market in 1946, use a unique technology that is based on electromagnetic waves that pass through food. Thanks to this activity, the molecules in food are activated and they begin to produce heat.

These microwaves are actually electromagnetic energy that reaches the speed of light. Ovens produce wave energy with the help of the magnetron located in every microwave oven. Once activated, wave energy transforms the positive polarity of molecules to negative polarity.

How Microwave Ovens Affect the Food?

What is even more interesting is that this process of transformation happens millions of times in one second. Food molecules are affected by the microwaves and they radiate countless times every second. However, besides heating up the food, the waves also damage the structure of food molecules a process known as structural isomerism.

You can rarely find a person that thinks microwaving is bad. This cooking activity is simple, easy and convenient, something that modern people are looking for. The microwave oven is part of the average American household for more than 3 decades now. This was a truly revolutionary invention back then because it directly affected our eating habits. But, have you ever wondered whether this cooking solution is actually healthy and safe?

According to many experts, the simple answer is negative. The truth is that there are healthier and better options out there and by using these alternative methods you can rest assured that you have used all the nutrients found in the food you consume.?

A microwave is a specific type of radiation that doesn?t produce ionization. For those who didn?t know, ionizing radiation is able to alter the electromagnetic structure of any atom.

In this way, the nature of the interaction between these atoms and other molecules and atoms around them is changed. Gamma radiation, X-rays and certain medical procedures like barium swallows, CT scans and mammograms are specific kinds of ionizing radiation.

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However, many experts claim that even when you use non-ionizing radiation to prepare your food, the waves of heat used to treat the food can harm your health.

We have decided to dedicate this article to highlight the five, most frequent diseases and disorders that come as a direct result of the use of microwave ovens.

1. Insomnia

According to some studies, microwaves can lead to brain damage. The early signs of this problem include insomnia.

2. Fatigue

There are several confirmed cases of chronic fatigue and obesity that were linked to microwaves.

3. Nutrient Deficiency

As you are probably aware, whenever you use a microwave to prepare your meal, you are eliminating many of the nutrients found in it.

4. Cancer

Microwaves create radiation that builds up in the body over time and can lead to different types of cancer.

5. Antioxidant Elimination

Finally, the microwaves that most of us use almost on a daily basis eliminate the antioxidant structures found in the food. In this way, we are left more prone to heart attacks and increased cholesterol levels.

The bottom line is that we should find a different way to prepare our meals and stay away from microwave ovens if you care about your health.

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