5 Home Remedies An Onion Can Solve

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Garlic may be the number one natural antibiotic, but onion has its own powers as well. In this article we bring you closer to the real reason for which you should use onions more often.

Onions are great to add to your super healthy salad, but they are much better for your overall health. Experts agree that certain ailments can be treated with onions only, so you may want to jump straight to the local market, and get some organic produce.

Check the top 5 uses of onions.

1. Clogged ears

Remove the soft core of an onion using a cloth, and place it at the very beginning of your ear canal. Be careful, you should not push too hard inside you ear!

Leave the piece of onion overnight. Its juices will soften wax buildups, and you will be able to remove them more without any effort.

2. Burns

If baking is your best specialty, you probably burn yourself more than us, normal mortals. Cut the onion in half, then apply it onto the burn, cut side down. It will reduce and sooth your pain almost instantly.

3. Bee or wasp stings

Stings can be extremely dangerous, and sometimes may cause even death, especially if you are allergic. The first thing you should do is keep calm and do not panic. Next, take out the stinger, or have someone take it for you.

Do not press the spot. Mash an onion, and apply it on the sore area.

4. High body temperature

You sure remember your granny putting onion slices in your socks. This is a home treatment for high body temperature, and it turns out to be a great one though.

5. Detoxification

We have saved the best for the end. Eat more raw onions to flush toxins out of the body. It is a simple, yet efficient way to keep toxins away from your system.

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