Detox Your Liver Naturally With This Homemade Drink

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The daily life of lots of people is unhealthy. It means their body is confronting with toxins all the time. Their daily physical activities are not enough for them to “throw” the toxins out.

If you are not able to stay on the regimen and consume healthy food, refuse to drink water, and stop the unhealthy habits, your health will feel the consequences.

Let’s leave aside that you are going to get fat. You will start feeling some conditions that you’ve never felt before.

Your liver is the protector in your body. The main machine that cleans your body out of toxins. If it gets rusty of too many toxins, it will stop functioning.

That’s scary, how to protect it?

Performing regular detoxification of your body will improve the work of your liver.

The recipe I’m going to show you now contains ingredients you can easily find everywhere around you. All of them have the ability to flush your body out of toxins and improve the health of your liver.


  • A fistful of fresh mint leaves
  • Some lemon juice
  • Some orange juice
  • One liter of purified water
  • Organic honey to taste


  • Pour the water into a pot and let it boil
  • Put the mint leaves inside and leave them for about 5 minutes
  • Remove the stove and let it sit until it cools down
  • Put the lemon and orange juice inside with grated lemon rind
  • Add the raw organic honey
  • Drink up!

You can consume it hot or cold.

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