The Chemical Free Way to Eliminate Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are definitely something you don’t want in your bed. The sad truth is that we all have them in our mattresses. The good thing is that you can actually get rid of them.

Find the best way to eliminate those nasty creatures:

Your enemy is there
Adult bed bugs can grow half an inch in size. They are usually brown, oval, and look like ticks. No, be bugs don’t fly.

Here are some terrifying facts:

  • Bed bugs can bite and suck up six times more blood than their normal weight. They attack both animals and people. Don’t know how to recognize a bed bite?
  • Their bite resembles a mosquito. Bed bugs prefer clean surfaces, and they can crawl in your vehicle, hotel room, furniture, etc. however, bed bugs don’t harm health, but they are nasty and boring.
Throwing your mattress isn’t the best solution, and we’ll give you a few suggestions:

Get rid of bed bugs
You will definitely need to get rid of these bugs, because they can live 400 days without food, and their reproduction rate is terrifyingly high.

Although chemical extermination is the first idea that popped to your mind, you can’t spend the day in your sprayed living room. Some bugs develop resistance to harsh chemicals.

The ultimate bed bug elimination plan
  • Observe carefully
  • Early detection is important, and all you need is a mirror and a flashing light. Be careful, because bed bugs are super tiny. Focus on bed frames and mattresses.
  • Check your mattress and box springs. Well, maybe checking every bit of your bed is a better advice.
    Look for any brown spots or smudges.
  • You should also check the cracks and crevices in your bed frames.
  • If you can’t see anything like this, proceed to step 9.

Wipe out the bugs
Use a business card, a vacuum cleaner or a simple tape.

Clean the sheets and pillow cases
This applies to sheets, pillow cases, blankets, teddy bears, and pretty much everything that touches the bed. The hot cycle seems like a good idea, right?

Try the cold treatment
If you are unable to wash the bed stuff, just freeze them. Bed bugs can’t thrive in too hot or too cold temperatures.

The vacuum cleaner is your friend
Vacuum every bit of your bed on a regular basis, and discard the vacuum bag.

Essential oils are powerful
Bed bugs don’t like cedar, tea tree and orange essential oil. Add a few drops of these oils to a cup of water, and spray the bed frame and the mattress.

Diatomaceous Earth is awesome!
Bed bugs hate it, and professional exterminators love it! Sprinkle it on your bed and carpet. Don’ forget to wear your dust mask and vacuum up the excess.

Clean the clutter
Bed bugs love both clean and dirty places. Eliminate the clutter to destroy their favorite shelter.

Prevention matters!
Regular extermination will cost you a small fortune, and the stress comes as a bonus. Check the following tips, and get things done:

  • Buy bed-proof mattress cases, and this will save your life.
  • Apply sealant or caulk inside the joints and cracks of your bed.
  • Use bed-bug traps to see if your bed is invaded.

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One thought on “The Chemical Free Way to Eliminate Bed Bugs

  1. David

    There is a non-toxic enzyme cleaner called Tweetmint that dissolves their bodies and eggs. You can spray it anywhere safely. Bugs/eggs must come in contact with the wet solition, so you will have to get up at midnight to 2 am (feeding time) and spray wherever you see movement. Carpets alog baseboards especially. I got rid of a veritable army of them in a single treatment (except the ones living in and laying eggs in the poor dog’s fur, that took a couple weeks and many baths in the solution, brushing, vacuuming him. If I had known at first, I would have made a stronger dilution and made him sit in it for 20 mins).

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