Can This Vitamin Prevent Alzheimers?

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Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant. It can be an ingredient in many personal care products to prevent spoilage without adding harmful chemical preservatives to your body. Plus, Vitamin E has a host of other skin and hair care benefits beyond its simple ability to prevent free radical damage and spoilage.

Vitamin E has been studied for a variety of therapeutic health benefits, including heart and circulatory health, brain function, and general health overall. However, it’s important to note that Vitamin E is not water soluble, which means you can OD on it. Unlike Vitamin C (which your body can excrete excess consumed), so you need to make sure you don’t take too much if you take it in supplementation form in addition to the Vitamin E you may naturally get in your diet.

Coconut oil, rich in vitamin E, may help with memory. A recent study found that coconut oil seems to have some sort of effect on the brain that allows it to use the energy it supplies in the form of medium chain triglycerides, just like the brain would normally use glucose as fuel. Since Alzheimers patients lose this ability, coconut oil seems to circumvent the problem and provide this alternative means of fuel so that they can process thoughts coherently and remember things they may not normally have remembered.

The coconut oil seemed to deliver these ketone bi-products, which you may have heard of when low carb dieting was in style, without needing the glucose. So, it provides this alternative way for Alzheimers patients to be more like a person without the disease.

Alzheimers affects both men and women in older age, but can also affect people in their fifties and even late 40’s in rare cases. There are few drugs for the disease and that ones that are out there are not very effective and can only slow the progression (if that), not reverse it. Currently there are no cures for it, however studies have found that Vitamin E may prevent Alzheimers.

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The Vitamin E study had patients in three different groups take vitamin e in the synthetic form only, taking vitamin E and one of the popular Alzheimers drugs, taking the drug only, and taking a placebo.

Shockingly, the group who took Vitamin E only (or not so shockingly for those of us who know the power of nutrition and vitamins) showed the most improvement in terms of slowing the disease over a one year period.

While the study sponsors are careful to point out that this is not 100% conclusive evidence that everyone can benefit from vitamin E who has Alzheimers, it certainly is promising and warrants further study.

Taking vitamin E supplements is something that should be considered carefully, especially if you are on other medications.? While it can be incredibly beneficial to the human body, we get most of the Vitamin E we need through our diet if we eat a healthfully.

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