Great Remedies For Diarrhea: Get Relief!

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But despite its annoyance, diarrhea can be good for us at times, and of course, it can also be dangerous for us too. Allow me to explain?

The Pros of Diarrhea?

Although it?s definitely not enjoyable, diarrhea is the body’s way of releasing unwanted dangerous organisms. Many times, there is an external substance, like a germ, that is lurking in our body and needs to come out.

Our bodies are smart and can detect when these intruding objects are in our body and how dangerous they really are. It also knows the best and most efficient way to get rid of it.

Diarrhea is just one of the many mechanisms of doing just that. The body will loosen our bowels and force stools until the object is out and the?danger is eliminated.

The Cons of Diarrhea Uh-oh!

In many cases, however, diarrhea can pose more danger than good.

Especially if it is lasting for a few days or weeks, diarrhea can be a branch of a bigger, more core symptom such as IBD, IDS, or even stomach cancer.

In general, the more severe the case of diarrhea, the more often it occurs, and the more intense are the stools. This is evident when stools contain hard objects, or if one has a fever or weight loss.

If untreated, this more severe form of diarrhea can lead to various physical complications, even requiring one to rush to the E.R.

General Methods of Treatment Used Today:

  • Using prescription drugs such as Pepto-Bismol.
  • Dipping in hot baths.
  • Drinking lots of liquids.
  • Drinking fruit juices without the pulp.
  • Eating chicken without fats.
  • Drinking Sports drinks.

Prescription drugs may not always be as effective as the other options because it is just suppressing the symptoms that are causing one’s diarrhea. They just temporarily suspend these gastrointestinal symptoms until they reappear again or will cause unnecessary side effects.

The Homeopathic Approach Your Best Bet!

Homeopathy may be your most safe and effective method of getting rid of your diarrhea ailment without the annoying side effects of a regular prescription. It energetically heals by revitalizing your body’s capabilities in fighting the core causes of diarrhea, thereby enabling your body to fight it more efficiently.

Do you know the #1 risk factor for developing a chronic illness?

In fact, clinical research conducted even by conventional physicians showed the amazing effectiveness of homeopathy in treating diarrhea. Additionally, the anecdotal evidence of homeopathy when specifically used for diarrhea is incredible!

The Homeopathic Remedies for Diarrhea:

Arsenicum Album
Arsenicum is a white oxide of arsenic that is a tremendous aid for diarrhea, especially when the diarrhea is present along with vomiting. It can also help in cases where diarrhea alternates with the flu.

The anxious Arsenicum patient is thirsty and likes to sip water, feels burning sensations, lots of restlessness, has aches all over the body, and may have feverish chills.

Gelsemium Sempervirens
Gelsemium is a great diarrhea remedy for people who also experience upper respiratory issues, drowsiness, summertime colds and allergies, ptosis, sneezing, dry coughing, or unusual lack of thirst.

Podophyllum is a leading remedy for diarrhea, most specifically when the patient has a big urgency to use the restroom immediately (like in elementary school: it?s an emergency!) and when the stools are very smelly.

The person’s abdomen will experience loud rumblings right before using the restroom. Although the stools may be easy and smooth, there may be in between stages of the stools in which the patient feels cramping. Usually, people that need this remedy are very thirsty and want cold drinks, and they may be in doubt whether they need to have actual diarrhea or just vomit.

Aloe Socotrina
Ever felt the doubtful feeling type of diarrhea in which you have to go to the restroom really badly?while passing gas and then suddenly you have a minor stool at the same time? Then consider Aloe!

Aloe is also effective for cases in which the same gurgling sound in the abdomen, like in Podophyllum, is present, and when diarrhea takes its toll so so strongly in the morning, you just need to jump out of bed.

Stools may also be jelly-like and the victim of this brutal diarrhea may simultaneously have hemorrhoids as well.

Veratrum Album
Also known asĀ  white hellebore, Veratrum is specifically geared towards those with strong diarrhea that hurts so much that it leads to weakness. The Veratrum patient will have a huge desire for ice, cold drinks despite having the chills alternating with sweating, and they may have vomiting that shoots out, like a missile.

For Babies
Chamomilla is helpful for very irritable infants while they have diarrhea. It’s very effective for infants whose diarrhea is very smelly and green, white, or yellow mucus. If their diarrhea is painful, and only carrying them alleviates their condition, you may want to consider Chamomilla. Calcarea Carbonica is good for pale, chubby infants who are tired, sweat a lot, and have sour bodily smells. Babies suited for Calcarea generally love eggs and inedible objects.

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