Keeping Your Dog Fit with These Daily Tips

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If you’ve ever found it difficult to lose weight, you’re not alone. Pets too can put on a few extra pounds. As obesity can be related to various health conditions, it’s best to keep your dog fit with a combination of physical activity and healthy eating. If you’re not sure where to start, look at the tips below for guidance.

Take Daily Walks

This activity will do both of you good, both mentally and physically. Plus, you will have the opportunity to bond during the walks.

To stay motivated with this daily exercise, vary your route so that it continues to be novel and exciting. For example, try a new trail once a week. Also, get shoes that are comfortable so you’re more likely to want to get outdoors with your canine.

Choose Dog Treats Wisely

Snacks are a nice reward for your four-legged friend as part of obedience training or after a scary night of fireworks. Choose options that are healthy rather than full of fillers and artificial flavors to help your dog stay in good health.

For example, cbd chicken balls contain hemp seed oil that can calm your dog if they feel anxious. Plus, the natural hemp oil in the balls supports both heart health and lower cholesterol.

Play Games

Keep your pooch’s mind as active as their body to help keep them happy. Consider picking up some toys for them to play with around the house while you’re busy at work, for example.

Other ideas are to play hide and seek or tug of war. These types of interactive games are amusing and mentally challenging for your fur pal.

Smaller Food Portions

If your dog is gaining weight, it could be because you have stopped keeping track of how much they eat per sitting or per day. It’s easy to forget to measure out amounts and accidentally give the animal more than is needed.

Thus, slowly scale back how much you give the pet. Continue to assess whether they are full after the meal or still hungry to help you determine the proper serving size.

See the Vet Regularly

In addition to taking the measures described above, also see the veterinarian regularly. These visits provide a great opportunity to ask questions and the professional can determine if your dog is in good shape or not.

Your vet can recommend different ways to fit exercise into the canine’s day that you might not have considered before. Plus, during a routine checkup, you might find that there is a health issue you didn’t know about. Getting help for the problem right away can prevent it from becoming more serious over time.

Final Words on Caring for Your Dog

By encouraging your dog to exercise regularly and eat well, as well as cutting back on serving sizes, you are taking steps to keep your furry friend healthy. Remember that having a pet is a big responsibility, and you are accountable for this precious animal. Enjoy your time together as you keep one another in top shape and feeling good.

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