Reasons Why You Can’t Quickly Fall Asleep and the Changes You Need to Do

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Getting into a deep sleep could be challenging. There are instances when you already want to sleep, but you can’t. The moment you fall asleep you only have a few hours left before you need to get up for work. Understanding why you always find it difficult going to sleep could help.

You keep using your phone close to bedtime

If possible, you need to stop using your phone an hour before sleeping. Your phone emits blue light that tricks your brain to believe that it’s too early. Even if you force yourself to sleep, you can’t. Stop playing games or watching movies in bed. Find other things to do to feel sleepy like reading books or writing your plans for the next day.

Apart from failing to sleep quickly, excessive phone use could also lead to diseases due to overexposure to radiation. You can use EMF protection like the ones found at if you want to block radiation from entering your body. Keep your phone away from you while you’re asleep.

You have an irregular sleep pattern

Maintain a consistent sleep pattern to find it easier to fall asleep. If you keep changing, your body will have a hard time adjusting. Even during weekends, when you have nothing to do, you should still get up early. You don’t want to find it difficult to sleep early again for workdays.

You keep consuming coffee

You might need a glass of coffee to wake you up in the morning. It’s fine if that’s all you need. The problem is when you keep drinking coffee during nighttime. It’s an unhealthy practice. Caffeine keeps you up even when you already want to sleep. You can stick with warm water or other drinks without caffeine or sugar to keep you awake.

Your sleeping environment is uncomfortable 

Another reason why you can’t sleep well is that you don’t have a comfortable sleeping environment. Your bed might not be suitable for you. The bedroom could also be too messy. You have to make the necessary changes if you want to sleep well. Don’t forget to change the sheets and de-clutter your bedroom if you have time. It wouldn’t take long to things done.

You overthink

When you keep thinking about your problems, you will find it difficult to sleep. You will even have nightmares as a result of overthinking. Try to let go of things beyond your control. Don’t think of the worst possibilities. Wait until things happen before you react. When it’s time to sleep, you should think about positive things only.

You’re lucky if you can always sleep well even if you feel exhausted or restless. Otherwise, it would help if you tried these changes. You will feel better once you give them a shot. You need to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern to avoid experiencing long-term health issues. You can also check with an expert if you need help.

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