3 Tips on How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

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Finding the perfect pair of glasses can be a daunting task. Where to start? We all love the experience of buying a trendy, new style. We all remember buying our first pair of Ray-Bans or cat eye glasses. Then we get a bit adventurous and find an even bolder pair.

Only to realize it just does not look right on us. Most of the time, we chop it up to a pair that just had bad style. However, the truth is there are a whole bunch of glasses out there that will perfectly compliment you, you just need to find the right glasses for your face shape.

Who hasn’t tried to find a pair of glasses that would “defeat” the facial features we did not like? Maybe you feel like your eyes are too small, cheeks look too round, or you wish your jawline was more defined. It’s hard to perfectly fit into a face shape category, and that is where we open ourselves up to the best combinations.

Tip 1: Defining Your Face Shape

First, let’s get familiar with the types of face shapes. There are 5 main types of face shapes. There is square, round, heart, triangular, and oval. You may be a combination of some or something completely different. The idea is that understanding your face shape will help guide you in deciding on what pair of glasses will compliment your features.

When trying to define your face shape for glasses there are a couple features to focus on: cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. These three facial elements help build the categories for face shape.

Tip 2: Find A Compliment

Once you have identified your face shape or combination of shapes, it is time to start looking at glasses. You may be wondering how eyeglasses can even complement a particular face shape. The idea is to complement the features of your face that your natural shape may lack.

For example, if you have a square-shaped face, the top and bottom of your head are about the same size, your hairline is fairly straight, and your chin is shallow, then you will want to find a pair that helps elongate your face. This can be done with eyeglasses that have softer angles and more rounded edges. Their frames, whether ovals or rectangles, are narrow.

It is all about creating illusions and balancing out your features. Another example is, say you have a round face. The width and height of your face are about the same, so you will want to try and elongate yourself. Try a pair of glasses that are narrow with sharp edges. You will want to avoid round glasses that will only emphasize your natural shape.

Tip 3: Consider Skin Tone And Eye Color

If you have spent any amount of time shopping for eyeglasses, you know it is not just the shape of the glasses that is important, it is also the color. Just like with makeup or any other accessory, your skin tone and eye color will play a part in knowing what compliments you.

Regardless of your ethnicity, all skin tones have a cool or warm undertone. This is why one ethnicity may have multiple different shades. It is the balancing of these undertones that can help you determine what glasses color would be best.

The same can go with eye color! Choosing the right eyeglass color can help make those pretty eyes pop! If you have darker eyes, that are shades of brown, dark green, or deep blue, you will likely find similar compliments to those with warmer skin tones. If you have lighter eyes, a light blue or hazel, the cooler skin tone colors may fit you as well.

If you have a warm skin tone or darker eyes, some eyeglass colors that may compliment you include:

  • Warm blues
  • Bright reds
  • White/off-white
  • Light tortoiseshell
  • Gold

If you have a cooler skin tone or lighter eyes, some eyeglass colors that will compliment you include:

  • Black
  • Maroon
  • Pink
  • Dark tortoiseshell

Of course, these are simply suggestions and give you a good place to start. Just because you have brown eyes does not mean you cannot pull off some beautiful maroon shades. Same with light blue eyes, if you feel like a bright red sort of person, then your confidence will overshadow any sort of face shape, skin tone, and eye color you have!

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